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The devil inside....

Just thought i would share a funny moment i had yesterday.
I was in the kitchen.... head stuck in the fridge...mmmmmmm!!!:eatdrink051: what can i have... (you have all been there lol!)
I found myself talking to myself, thankfully there was only my 17 month old son in the house with me.... as i may have been locked up for my chuntering that i was having lol!!
So back to head in fridge... Devil on one shoulder, angel on the other and me having a conversation with these two lol!! I was wondering what to eat... the devil was saying have a cuppa and some biscuits and the angel saying have fruit and muller light, so i was discussing the choices out loude with myself, weighing up the pros and cons.... if i had my syns early what would i do that evening when that devil came back out to tempt me??? I opted for the fruit, but realised i had been talking to myself and my two imagianary friends lol!!!
But it also made me realise that instead of just grabbing the first thing, such as biscuits i was actually making a decision about what i was about to eat.... i actually have my head in the right place and don't feel bad about the decisions i make, i know i can have syns buy know i'm best saving them for those times of day when i need them, rather than when i'm bored and in a grazing mood... yeah me....
Note to self, don't talk allowed when anyone else is in the house lol!!! they may think i have finally lost it and gone mad!!:silly:
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Well done! I think it's a great thing to be able to do x


Keep on Truckin'
That is a real step change for anyone - so well done! Funny though as it reminded me of myself, I chatter to myself rather more than might seem sane :rotflmao:
yeah i talked to myself all the time or talk to my dd who is 16 months well people thinking i'm talking to him just hope i don't do it when i'm on my own on way to work or something lol.
i need to talk myself into good food i have been terriable today

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