The Devil was testing me!


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Hey guys,

I hope you are all doing well!

Im now coming towards the end of my second day on lipotrim and I had the biggest test so far.

I had come downstairs to find my house mate cooking some spag bol which is my most favourite food. I walked back upstairs trying to fight my emotional hunger! I have not felt a physical hunger on lipotrim as yet and I have come to the conclusion that every time I am feeling hungry it is due to my mind associating food with pleasure. But any way... I had come back upstairs and I really wanted to go back downstairs to have some spag bol. But I thought NO!!! I thought to myself if I can at least get to the stage of ketosis id be fine to see this lipotrim through to my desired weight. So I went and checked myself with some ketostix and thankfully I am now on ketosis :D

Seeing the success stories of others who have been on lipotrim along with a nice cuppa peppermint tea sorted me right out!

I'm so happy that ketosis has kicked in and I thought who better to share my happiness with then the people who got me started on Lipotrim! So thank you guys soooo much :D

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Back on the diet train...
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well done hun!!!

thats brill, its hard at the time but once you get past the emotional hunger its an amazing feeling! :)

im on day 3 (im a restarter :eek:) and i had a few moments but i keep thinking of my goal and i tell myself ive done 2 days why do i want to waste all that effort?? its not worth the guilt after.

keep at it hun, its so worth it once you see that first weight loss, which just keeps spuring you on.

good luck :)



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hiya fazzy, well done for resisting your fav food, thats ace.
and wow already in ketosis on day 2, for some people it can take up to 5-7 days.
but now u've hit ketosis, it gets so much better and honestly after your first week the time flies by.
stick with it and very well done.


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Well done really proud of you the first week is tough but you're strong dough to get through. Anytime I had a craving I looked up clothes I'd be able to wear and reminded myself that getting through that day was one step closer to my goal! Keep it up hun soon you'll be well able to see done all around you and not want it at all


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well done hun on resisting the devil hunni x and now your in keto it will be much much easier x heres to your first week sweety x


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Thats great hun!!!

Well done!!!

Keep it up hun!!1



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Excellent stuff!! well done on resisting... fab will~power~ :D Love to you and keep it up!! XXX


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Cheers for all your kind words guys! its sooo encouraging! Quick question, I am feeling fine right now, do you guys think its a good idea if I go down the gym at all?

Good luck guys, and well done for all your hardwork!