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The diary of an ex junk food junkie....

For goodness sake,why oh why is it i can remember my sign in name and pass word here but i cannot stop lapsing into over eating.Same old excuses...kids playing up,life too hectic blah blah blah.
had the best one ever to date for me last Monday......i couldn't start my diet on Monday because the carpet was being laid on Thursday and the weight reading would have been different on the Wii.......the worst bit i made myself believe it.
I saw someone in the town on Saturday and she had managed to lose three and a half stone.I told her i had lost that last year but i think i have put on at least two stone and that at the moment Monday never arrives,that's the day i always say i am going to start.
Right today is Monday and i have started,been good today in respected of what i have eaten however the way i have eaten it is wrong.I need to sort out my meals tomorrow and start on the little blue miracles that make me continue.
I think this is my fourth or fifth restart since last year but today IS the restart as i have gone up a size in tops and bottoms and i refuse to buy anymore than the two pairs of jeans and four tops in these sizes!!!!!

Small rant over jfj x
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Well that's blooming typical...
Part 1 of day 2.
So today is day2.Bit early on in the day but i have been food shopping and bought loads of items for myself.Yep shock horror i bought somethings for myself.
No crisps,no chocolate,no biscuits and no red meat either.Not a single burger,sausage or sausage roll entered my trolley. Not even a bag of sweets!!!
Today it was all foods under the 5gram rule per 100grams. Filled the trolley up.Bought a new blender as the old one broke,that was an excuse not start the diet a few weeks back. I got an Argos cheapy as it was the same spec of one which was over £20 so figured it would do the job just as well.

Omfg,i was right about the carpet or it could be the batteries, it did say it was low....it said i had lost 9 lbs since my last visit!!!! No way was that right i have gone up a size. My bingo wings look set to take off at the very next flap. I put a board under it and it said i was 15 stone 4lbs think i might be a bit bigger but not totally sure .So now i need to go and find a weighing scales local to me as i need a better idea and I'll need spurring on with those magical loss numbers.

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Hi Tina

Welcome back x

Sounds as though your shopping trip was fab. It doesn't matter what the wii says today its what it says next week that matters. Although I have to say my wii is really not very accurate, it reckons I've only lost 7lbs when the docs & my scales say 13lb....

Onwards & downwards hon x
Thanks lexie.

So day 3.

My most hectic day of the week.First i have work,then i do shared reading at the school.Then i get home for breakfast about 10:30. Then its chill,well it use to be.I tried to do the wii,first the telly wouldn't go on,then whilst i was moaning about it to the hubby it came back to life.So i moved the coffee table to set up the wii did about 2 minutes of boxing and suddenly there is no punching something up with the remote maybe???
Then it was pick up my daughter and then it was fun club.A group of about 20 plus kids totally mayhem,lol.
Back home for tea bake beans and bake potatoes.
Still got some work tonight but food seems to be under control i seem to have fallen back into routine very easily xx

I have a rough idea that i started Monday the 7th November. I didn't weigh myself as the wii was playing up.Today Wednesday the 16th i weigh according to boots scales 15 stones 4lbs. So not much damage done really.
So although i have had 9 days on the diet already i'll use this as my restart figure.
I hope to get back to 13 stones 12lbs maybe by Xmas?
23lbs my maths ain't good lol. Might not be able to do this but i am gonna give it a dam good try.Looked at the dairy 5 weeks till Xmas,start from Monday just gone,5lbs a week is 25 lbs,that's gonna be tough but i will give it a go add some exercise into it all i might not be far of my target....
Got so much going on,no parties till the 17th of December so it should be okay,fingers crossed and gob shut lol xx
Sorry you made me giggle there, gob shut hey! Seriously though don't set yourself goals that are likely unrealistic, I would love to tell you that you can lose 25lbs in 5 weeks but if you can share how as I only set myself to lose 22lbs in 10 weeks & I still have 7lbs to go..... xx
I doubt very much i'll lose it.However i find if i set my goals to be realistic i tend to cheat.Example i say i am gonna lose 10lbs in 5 weeks very do able on this however come week 3 and i'll have lost 6 pounds i'll take a week off cause you know the other 4 lbs will magically disappear,i know they don't,but my brain loves these type of tricks.
I know slightly confusing, but for me it works,fingers crossed and gob shut and all that lolx
No I understand that completely, I would do the same if it wasn't for the pills, I have always done that in the past. I have 7lbs to go to hit my Christmas target & normally I would think "oh I can have a week off cos I still have plenty of time" but the thought of tangoman appearing is stopping me doing that....
flaming heck this is good going week 3 beginning today. I am having trouble hitting the 1200 calories today.But i do have a meeting to attend this week that involves having lunch out so maybe they can be saved for that. Had a brilliant couple of weeks so far. Need to weigh myself in boots on Wednesday but not sure if i feel lighter or not :-(.

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