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The difference two weeks can make


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Brilliant - good idea to take pics as they can keep you inspired. Keep it up.
Thats great. Well Done! :)


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Great start :) I wish I'd taken similar photos when I started, it's so hard to see changes day to day so photos are a brilliant way to track your progress. Keep up the good work!
Great post, keep posting the pics love.


Must do it this time
can really see the difference,well done keep it up


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Thanks everyone.

This is while ive been on more or less total bed rest as well because I dislocated my hip and ankle (hence the crutches in the pictures hehe), so all Ive done is either sit in a chair or lay down, so hopefully the difference will become even more noticable once Im back up on my feet.
Wow, that's amazing for just 2 weeks and being off your feet, well done.
sammy you look fab! you can see just how much weight you've lost in the two weeks. Well done hun xx
Sammy that's incredible to see the difference so clearly in two weeks - Well done! You've inspired me to go take some snaps of myself so I can see the difference!


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Thanks all! Yeah I was quite shocked i could see a difference already! I think it notices because Ive lost it all from my stomach, Im wearing the same bottoms in both pics, but the top is different.

Designer diva I am doing the tony ferguson diet that Boots advertise and so far Ive lost just under 13lbs in two weeks, the first week I lost over half a stone and this week I lost 4.5lbs, Im the type of person who has to see results or I give up, also I need to be told exactly what I can eat and when so Tony Ferguson really works for me.
Wow you can really see the difference! Well done :) Please keep us posted with pics on how it's going :)
I've fallen off the wagon a few times... got run over by the wagon I think haha but I've kept going and now I have lost 2 stone, putting me at 13stone 13lbs, with my target 9 stone 7lbs so still a long way to go, but Im getting there, here is my first pic and my latest pic to compare.


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