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The "Don't wanna be fat and 40/or over team"


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Hello everyone!

I will be 40 next January and its dawned on me that if I don't lose this weight now, I am destined to a life of regrets!

So thats its really, is anyone else turning the big 40 within the next year? Or maybe you have already hit 40 and want to start changing now! Shall we offer each other some much needed support and motivation?

I am starting from scratch today, I keep falling off the wagon so to speak, I don't go to classes anymore, but have all the books here, so I just need to get back into it really. I have about 4 stone to lose, but I am not very good at staicking to plan, this is where you guys come in:)

Please do join in:cool:

Emma xx
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kerry b

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Hi Emma.

I will be 40 at the end of July. I have been trying to lose weight since I had my son 3&1/2 yrs ago but not much success. I do really well, lose a decent amount then put most of it back on again. Oh well I will keep trying.

I am doing SW from home, couldnt afford the classes and couldnt find one at a convenient time so i do it alone with a massive amount of support from everyone on here.

Good luck with your weight loss

kerry x
Hi emma and Kerry, like you both i am struggling with my weight loss and no longer can afford to go to classes. I was 40 in March and said i didn't want to be fat and 40!! Needless to say i am even heavier than in March lol! I am strting back on SW today and have taken up running in the past couple of weeks. I am pretty motivated at the moment as i have a holiday to look forward to in Dec. I wonder if we could all hook up and give each other the boost and support we need to keep going? I find it difficult being organised as i too have children (5 and 18 months) and life sometimes gets in the way. I have about 2 1/2 stones to lose so is do-able by xmas.
Best wishes, Michelle

kerry b

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Hi ladies. Which day do you weigh in? I weigh on a Sunday. Didn't lose anything this week but I'd had a really bad end to the week last week so assuming that has caught up with me.

I've had a pretty good week but am going through a phase of being really bored with food. I mostly do extra easy with the odd green day thrown in. I struggle with the 1/3 superfree as I hate vegetables. I eat a lot of fruit & try to hide some veg on soups & pasta sauce. I dont get very much exercise other than running around after my son at the park and the occasional walk when he is at playgroup. I always say o need to do more but never do.

Hope you are both having a successful week.


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Hi Kerry & Kittysmom

Yeah we have a cute little team:cool:

I have decided that my WI day is going to be on a Wednesday, that way I am less likely to fall off the wagon of a weekend or after WI (whether I have lost or put on) :rolleyes: I am following SW to a point, but I will be honest with you I am not following it to the letter, purely because I find the eat as much as you like of free foods, hard to deal with, I need to control my portion sizes whether its free food or not, I am hoping this will work, we will see on Wednesday!

I don't get much exercise either Kerry as I have Fibromyalgia so some days its very difficult for me, I do walk the dog every day though and when I feel able to I will do 15 mins on the exercise bike;) But thats no more than 3 times a week, sometimes none at all.

I have two daughters 15 and 12 so not so much running around after them as when they were little, although mums taxi is in operation most days:p

Michelle, you have the perfect reason to lose weight a holiday and the time soon creeps up so lets keep you on the right track so to speak:D

kerry b

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Where are you going on holiday Michelle? I would love a week on the sun somewhere but I hate beach holidays, I find them so boring. My fave place to go is new York. Needless to say I haven't been there since my son arrived. The thought of a 7hr flight with a 3yr old is enough to put.me off.

Ok a bit about me. I will be 40 on July 29th & set that as my Target date. I'm nowhere near that. Still have another 2 stone to lose. I'm married with 1 child but I nanny for 3 kids 4 days per week as well. The boys are 7 & 9 so at school all day, wee girl is 18mths and is with me all day. I take my son to work with me which has made my life a lot easier. Don't really have many hobbies but I'm an avid reader and enjoy doing cross stitch as well as spending time with friends, mostly in places like costa so I now drink tea instead of coffee. I am an emotional eater so stress and arguments see my downfall. I also have an extremely sweet tooth.

I love this site, it keeps me sane and the people here keep.me motivated and give me a good kick up the bum when I need it. I check in here at least 4 or 5 times per day so will usually be able to reply to posts fairly promptly.

Emma, as long as you make sure you eat enough superfree/free foods to keep you satisfied then keeping an eye on portion control shouldn't be a problem. I have 2 friends with fybromyalgia so understand a little about it. It does make it tricky to exercise but just do what you can when you can.

Do either of you keep a food diary? If not I would recommend posting one on here as sometimes someone else can pick up on things you miss yourself. Mine is called love love love food. Feel free to have a look and leave comments.

Well, enough babbling for now. Hope you are both having a good day.
Hi guys, i was thinking of weighing in on a Sat, but it would probably be a good idea to all weigh in the same day. How about we start afresh from Wed?
Kerry we are off to Tenerife on the 16th-23rd Dec so i have 6 months to get to target. I have been doing a wee bit running and following the sw extra easy and green progs (i am mostly a veggie)Keeping off the booze is hard for me and obviously with the booze goes the snacking! I find if i do a bit exercise it puts me off junk.
Have a good day guys.

kerry b

Silver Member
Nothing wrong with you weighing on a Saturday if that's what you fancy doing Michelle.

I have been so naughty today. Ate half a quiche and an icecream lolly and now all I can think of is salt and vinegar pringles. I'm off for a bath so I won't give in to the munchies

kerry b

Silver Member
How was your weight in yesterday Emma? Hope it was a good one.

I was naughty yesterday and had a cart d'or Turkish delight ice cream with a waffle cone. No idea how many syns but it tasted amazing.

I'm really hungry today. Trying hard to be good. I just found out that I'm going out for lunch tomorrow & Saturday then dinner on Saturday night. Will try to make sensible choices but its mostly pub food so not easy. I'm now not expecting a loss on Sunday just hoping I don't have a huge gain.

kerry b

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Hey Michelle, just realised you are in Edinburgh too:D. Where about? Im in stockbridge

It seems Emma has left us for another board, I'm sure I read another post saying that SW isn't for her and she is going to try calorie counting instead
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Hey Michelle, just realised you are in Edinburgh too:D. Where about? Im in stockbridge

It seems Emma has left us for another board, I'm sure I read another post saying that SW isn't for her and she is going to try calorie counting instead

Yeah, sorry to default on you guys, but have gone back to calorie counting, I have yet to post on the other board, as I keep finding my way back here, cos you are all familiar to me:D I didn't weigh in on Wed, i'm going to do it on Saturday as I think I need new scales, so goingto buy some tomorrow;)

Hope you girlies are well xx

kerry b

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Lol Emma, still come visit us regardless of how you decide to go on your weight loss journey.

I have had such a baaaad day. Went to pizza hut for a friends birthday lunch had some pasta bolognese then 4 slices of deep pan pizza margharita and a big bowl of salad. Weekend gonna be a bad one too out for lunch & dinner tomorrow. Oh well, hope the gain isn't too big
Hi girls, well i haven't been too great the last couple of days, crisps, bread, wine, nachos...the list goes on! My foot hurts so i haven't done much running :( I weighed in this morning and hav lost 1lb! I am happy with that - at least its a start.
Keep in touch Emma, sw isn't for everyone but we can still offer some support on your journey.
Kerry i am actually in Dalkeith, i work in Morningside.
Have a brilliant weekend x

kerry b

Silver Member
Well done. A loss is a loss. If you loose just 1 lb between now & your hold that will be almost 2st off!

Would you please just shoot me now. After pizza hut last night I completely list the plot. Takeaway dinner was chicken in peanut sauce with special fried rice followed by a whole tube if pringles and half a packet of peanut m&ms. I'm do angry with myself.

That must be a web but of a traffic nightmare getting to work Michelle. What is it you do? I'm a nanny in the grange. I look after a wee girl of 18mths and also het brothers during school hols. They are 7 & 9. Hard work but I get to take my don with me every day do worth it.

Needless to say I'm not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow but will let you know how it goes. Have a great weekend x

kerry b

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Definitely try a food diary & write everything down as you eat it otherwise you forget about the odd wee nibble. Really helps me & I do tend to Ho off track if I don't do it. Not always pretty looking back on it but shows you where you can improve things x
Hey Kerry, we all have bad days, the best thing to do is put it behind you and carry on. Today is a new day. I am a nurse in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital so work shifts. The journey in only takes me 15-20mins so not too bad. Good luck for tomorrow.

kerry b

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Challenging job. Are you in with adults or kids?

I am writing today off as well. Out for lunch & dinner, both in pubs, do not much chancr of being good. Oh well its not an every day occurance do will just do best I can today, then straight back on track tomorrow.

kerry b

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I gained 3lbs. Not at all surprising but Im really fed up. Cant seem to get my head in the right place at the moment and wondering what the point is.:sigh:

How has your weekend gone?

kerry b

Silver Member
Hi Michelle, how. Is your week going? I've decided to change my weigh in to a Saturday so that I have a full weeks syns when I go out on a Saturday night instead of no syns or just 15. We about most Saturday nights do it makes sense to me.

I'm climbing the walls at work, only 2 days til I get a week off thank goodness. Still, I'm managing fairly well foodwise do a good week do far. Speak soon

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