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Total Solution The dreaded day 3 :(


I will do this!!!
im on day 3 too :( yesterday was horrible so fingers crossed today isn't as bad.


I will do this!!!
i had such a bad headache yesterday i just had to go to bed!


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im on day3 to n ive no headache no nothing which is makin me think im not in ketosis yet but i do remember the first time i did LT i had no symptoms either but when ive tried to do it again ive always been really bad on day3. i hope u both start to feel better soon n remember it will pass x


I will do this!!!
i woke up with a headache put its ok now, just got to stay strong and get through the rough days.
Take some paracetamol first thing in the first week even if you have no headache that's what I used to do because if you feel like crap your more likely to feel like you need food! Your doing brill though you'll be feeling better soon x


I will do this!!!
thank god for this site thats all iv got to say!!


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hang in there all those on day 3... it certainly does get better :). Take it easy, don't go crazy on exercise or running around like a headless chicken for no reason, chill out, take a long bath, read a good book, and if you are at work keep yourself busy but not too stressed if possible. Then go to bed early and have a good sleep and before you know it day 4 will be here and you'll be 3 days away from being able to have your first fantastic weigh in :). These are all things that helped me anyway.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 'other side' (pleasant land of ketosis) soon :)
Yeah goin to take it easy today, well as easy as can be, finish work at 2 then got housework to do as someone viewin my flat tonight at 6, so hopefully all this will keep me focussed and my day will fly by!! Paracetamol at the ready :) x


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Keep drinking loads of plain water, it'll help get you through it. I really hate plain water and it's been the hardest part for me so far :(

But, what's gotta be done.... :)


I will do this!!!
i cant drink plain water but im having 3-4ltrs of flavoured water a day.
I love plain water but it has to be bottled and ice cold. Tap water... YUCK. So I'm sure I will be spending even more of a fortune on bottled water now! I discovered when I was doing the Slimfast thing, leading up to the Exante, that I felt pretty good when I was in the first part of the day (doing the shakes) but then when I'd eat a meal I would get a horrible headache. I think maybe because I was drinking a regular fizzy drink with my meal... maybe the caffeine was hitting me hard? I don't know. I will see how I feel having coke zero with my soup. If I get a headache from that then I'll know it's caffeine.

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