The dreaded exercise....


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I dont but I really really need to. That was something my doctor emphasised yesterday. He said as little as 20 mins walking a day would be a huge help


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I have started to incorporate some exercise now into my daily routine. I have toyed with joining a gym but just know I dont have the time in the week and it would be a waste of money. I work full time, commute 2 hours a day and have many rescue pets to take care of, so by the time all are cleaned, fed and attended to etc... I just dont have the spare time to go to a gym.

Christmas I bought a cheap stepper and religiously have been doing some steps each night before bed. ((even hubby has started now and we try to best each other :D )).

Have been thinking of a treadmill, but decided on a elliptical cross trainer after some good advice from other forum members.

Had a look at a few different ones, chose the one I wanted yesterday, ordered it... and it arrived at work this morning (easier for deliveries there). Cant wait to get it home and set up. :) :) :) :) .

There was a free gift with the trainer, a 36" trampoline. Have got that unopened and set up in the office at work... and we are all acting like 5 years old and having a bounce about on it. :D :D :D :D :D :D . Its great!!

Dont know where I am going to fit it at home though!! :eek:

I think with any exercise ..its how best to fit it into your own personal daily routines. Even a little bit each day is beneficial and you do start to enjoy it. :)

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I walk my dogs any evening its not raining, I add a tiny bit on every night or two to keep pushing myself and I love it, feel great after. I also have a cross trainer that I use at home, sometimes after the walk or just on its own if no walk.
I'm joining a salsa slim class tonight with my sister for something different to do. My losses are always quite good when I exercise.


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U guys stop talking about your pets...My 3 month old puppy escaped this morning Im so upset :( Knoked of millions of doors and called the police and no sign :( I miss her already! My mum is so annoying, she left her in the back yard when I was in work and she has escaped. Boo hoo :(


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So glad to say my daddy found her!!! :D Im so happy!! I was really shocked!! She was hiding under a bush in next doors garden!! Shes been spoilt rotten :p


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I bought a treadmill, when I was too heavy to use it, and when I did get to be under 100kg. and could use it, I could only manage 10 mins @ 2.2mph. I have gradually built this up over the months, and now do an hour @ 4.2mph, which uses 500 calories. I like the way you can see the progress you are making on a treadmill, and also the fact that all this takes place in the privacy of my own home. My treadmill is in the conservatory, and I pound away with my ipod on, looking at the garden. I'm glad I bought it.


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Wish I'd known you were looking for an eliptical trainer...I have a fantastic one that I really hoped I'd find time to use but have only been on it once and I got it in October...another thing I keep trying to remember to do something about!