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The dreaded flapjacks

Heard some nasty things bout the flapjacks so I never ordered any and had chicken soup instead YUK!!! It was so rank!! Flapjacks cant be worse??

Had a few ideas and was wondering if anyone has tried them yet
:- With water so like wheat-a-bix
:- With a very water down vanilla shake (not a whole sachet, maybe an 1/8th) to its a bit milky so even more like wheat-a-bix
:- Read that some people toast them. So thought that maybe with a tablespoon of choclate or strawberry mix with water to make a paste to then spread on the flapjack "toast" to act as nutella or strange strawberry jam?!?

Just ideas please let me know if I'm being foolish!!
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They are so vile I don't think even whipped cream and jam could make them taste nice lol


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I tried 1 first time I did lipotrim and OMG I had to throw it away it was RANK! Would rather drink the shakes than have those :( now that's saying something ~lol~ x x x
I like the soup but the flapjacks - yuk! Peanut one slightly better than coconut one - that was really disgusting!!!!!


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What I love about the flapjacks is I can just open it and eat it. Mixing the shakes and smelling them makes me gag. So by the time comes to drink the bloody thing my stomach is turning. I always have a coffee with it too as I drink quite strong coffee to mask the taste!
Well I have tried the coconut flapjack and it was like eating compressed sawdust with a strange metalic taste (yum!). I still have a peanut one to try and have put it off but may have to resort to eating it next week when I take some school kids on a trip as it will be impossible to make the shake! Haven't tried the soup yet - will wait until it turns cold.
Don't forget you can make "biscuits" with your choc packs, which I think are nicer than the flapjacks although they are a little messy to make lol xx Also the shakers are handy for blending shakes while out and about- your pharmacy will be able to get you one although I think you can get cheaper ones elsewhere xx
yes flapjacks can be that bad, even if you stuck them in the middle of a lush curry they would still be the worst thing you could taste hahaha the soup is nice with plenty of pepper in :) x
Well I think my taste buds must be changing! Tried the peanut flapjack today and almost enjoyed it!! The chicken soup (whilst not really tasting like chicken soup) has also been a welcome savory change. So it is worth giving these things another go.

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