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The dredded question when you're overweight

Yes I finally got asked this the other day by someone I hadn't seen in quite a while - "Are you pregnant?" I was mortified but tried to laugh it off and she was so apologetic.
It was a lady I used to work with, I bumped into her on my way home from work and it was the first thing she said to me, funnily enough the next thing she said was "you're looking well" evidently not I would suggest. :cry:
I tend to never ask people if they are pregnant unless its absolutely obvious just in case, so I always think people are a bit silly to just assume like that.
I thought it hadn't bothered me much but everytime I have caught myself in the mirror since I have felt huge, I'm not saying I liked what I saw before this incident but now when I look I'm just so worried that thats what I look like and that maybe other people I know are wondering if I'm pregnant too but are too scared to ask.:(
I am at my heaviest and although I was nearly this weight when I first tried SW years ago and lost the weight I can't remember my tummy being so big. Its like this time around a lot more weight has gone on my tummy.
I just feel miserable about it all today and it feels like its going to ages before I lose enough weight to make me not look pregnant. :sigh:
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Aw hun, some people dont seem to think before they speak. When I was at my heaviest someone also asked me the same thing. I used to that spur me on to lose weight. You can do this hun. xxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks Sarah!
I know I really should turn it around to my advantage.
For the last couple of years whilst the weight has been going on, I have just let it get worse and worse, just thinking oh I'll do something about it soon, I'll not let it go too far.
But now after this, everytime I feel like giving up or eating something I shouldn't, I'll try to think about it and remember that there is no way I want a comment like that ever again.
In fact as I'm typing this, I suddenly realised that maybe she has done me a favour, maybe thats now the final straw that will kick my butt into action!!
I know she was apologetic and embarrassed about it, at least maybe she'll think next time before she speaks.
Thanks again x ;)
S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Good on you mate, use this to your advantage, it wont happen again. You seem like a strong person and can see the positive come out of that negative comment. I look forward to hearing about your weight loss journey hun xxxx


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A friend of mine had a t-shirt printed with

I'm NOT pregnant, it's the engine for my love machine!"

Always made me laugh when i saw it!

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