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The Exante Challenge: TEAM 3 Mission Slimpossible

well my lovely wonderful team members:


Hope you are all doing wonderfully =]
feel free to use this as team chat, team support.
But most importantly for Weigh Ins.
My weigh in day is friday let me know yours =]
Being your team leader if you feel you need some private support or wont be around for a weigh in due to reasons you dont want to post on here just send me a PM
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Hi lovely lady!

Lovely shiney thread :D

My weigh in day is Thursday. Ooh we need to think of a name! Hmmmm

Big fat losers
Bellies to bikinis
Exante Beauties

Errrr can't think of anything else right now lol just throwing out some ideas

ohh how exciting!! looking forward to getting started on monday now :)

My wi day has always been saturday so going to stick to that.
My weigh day is also Thursday. When do we start giving losses? Tomorrow? If so I've just done my first week and lost a ton!!!
Hiya... my WI day is Wednesday and I lost 6lbs this am yey! Got a bit of a cold but sticking to Exante 99% (I have a bit of milk in my morning coffee). Hope to get to know you all my lovelies :).


Gotta Make A Change
Exante Challenge Team 3 - The Exante Globetrotters


Lets get it on :)
go Team 3


Gotta Make A Change
oops didnt see this :$
Hiya, had my weigh in this morning and I have lost 10.5lbs! Should be a good start for the spreadsheet! This is my first week on exante so not so sure next week will be as good!
great stuff vicky, I have a feeling team three will win hee hee, I'm a sunday weigher, I've not been doing bad so should be a good loser for this team xx
Well done Vicky!

I have a little bit to add to the pot. 3.5lbs off this week, pretty happy with that!

I may sit and sew us all some pom poms later....do some team cheerleading? Hahahahaha I can't even sew a straight line so that may be a bit difficult :D
I'm sure your cyber sewing will be brill, three and a half is great, I'd like to think we're the only team that won't ever cheat or fall off the exante train, let's be 100% then there will be nobody in team 3 because we'll all be at goal xx
Ohh how exciting my weigh day is friday..
As for names ..

Shrinking Violets
Melting Maidens (asuming were all ladies in team 3)

Weigh To Go
Slim Bound
Losing More Than Our Minds
Slim Seekers

Not all my own work,amazing what you can find with a googgle..

And well done Vicky thats a brill loss


Gotta Make A Change
how bout the Exante Globetrotters :)
Nice to be in the team but why is there a star by my name?
no clue sorry i just copied and pasted from the original thread =]

Just two more weigh in days to find out. Dutch and Kenshin112 =]

hope you are all well, we are having brilliant weight losses already!! GO TEAM GO!!

Also have a new team member who has yet to post in our thread. Bavs. *waves* hope to see you soon

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