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The Fat One at the End of the Corridor

I don't know whether to cry or be angry..? :badmood:

A porter came to deliver some notes to me at work today - as the corridor to my office is key coded - one of my collegues let him though and when he asked for me and my collegue said its the lady in the office at the end - 'Oh' he said - 'you mean the fat one at the end of the corridor' - she sniggered and said to him thats not very nice - I then procedded to walk out of another office nearer to them than my own (where I was listening in!) take the notes and walk off - when what i really wanted to do was smack them both over the head with them - I can't belive I said nothing - but you know when you want to say something but can't find the right words -I've been brooding about it ever since :mad:
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You are the better person for not responding to childish comments like that! Be positive next time he comes he wont recognise you and you can point out the error of his ways then. won't his face be a picture.



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What a nasty pair...people like that should just be ignored!
That is damn right rude, I've always been "The Fat One" and it's not nice. Ignore them :hug99:


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that is so rude. I'd never have been able to walk away without either replying with something totally childish, or bursting into tears, so well done for keeping your dignity!!!
People who get a kick out of mocking peoples faults have more faults of their own. They are not worth worrying about. Well done to you for the way you dealt with it.
:hug99: That's a horrible thing to hear.

I can't believe how rude some people can be.:mad:

I hope it spurs you on to continue, and rub their noses in it when you are at goal. I'd be inclined to be dressed to the nines in my size 12 outfit, and wander past them and just whisper ' I'm not the fat on at the end of the corridor now, am I', then smile smugly and leave them to stew.

Remeber, revenge is a dish best served cold:D
My usual retort to such a comment is "I can lose weight, but you'll always be ugly".
That makes me furious. That kind of behaviour - very personal comments that distressed you, and which were made in a public working space - actually merit a complaint to your line manager. At the very least, the two of them deserve a 'quiet word' from their bosses. I know being large at work (and I was very very large) and complaining about personal remarks about your size can feel very difficult. Unlike remarks made on the grounds of race or disibility, we feel embarrassed enough about our 'self inflicted' problem to believe that in some way we were asking for it or that we don't have grounds to complain. Or don't want to draw attention to ourselves any further. But that's the mindset that allows ignorant gits like the ones you encountered to feel that it's OK to talk to address us or talk about us in that way. Seriously, think about having a word with someone about it: if it caused you pain or humiliation it's to be taken seriously.
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well said Bagpuss!!!
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People should just learn to engage their brains before they open their gobs!!! Honestly some people make me so mad. I have had this kind of comment made to me before and my comeback was the same as OFMum about being ugly. Don't let this people ruin your day they are not worth it

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