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The fifth and final attempt


Getting fit for 30!
S: 25st5lb C: 25st5lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 54 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well this is about my 5th attempt, being doing it on and off since I was about 15 (I'm 20 next month) and each time, when I start I have really high expectations and start well, but after about 6-8 weeks something happens and before I know it I'm weighing more than I started at!!

I can't even put my finger on what happens, I think I have a bad day and think I'll be good tomorrow, then I have another bad day and so it goes on.

I'm hoping this will be the final time I have to "start" and I will change for life. The difference this time is I've got a gym membership and hopefully the support of everyone here! I've also got the mind set of, if I want something I'm going to have it, just much less.

I've written myself a plan, that I've put on my wall that says things like;

  • Drink less carbonated drinks – more water/squash
  • Go to the gym at least twice a week, go swimming at least once a week
  • Stick to Slimming World plan, maximum of 8 syns per day
  • Stay positive
  • Take a photograph each week
  • Do home workout at least once a day
  • Don’t sabotage entire plan if I slip up
I've also got a hell of a lot to loose, but I'm taking it a half stone at a time!

Wish me luck, everyone.

Peace, love and good vibes

Natt xxx

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S: 16st3lb C: 12st0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 4st3lb(25.99%)
Hi!!!! You aren't alone on the 5th attempt journey!!! This is also my 5th attempt and so far so good!!!

Just a couple of tips for you though... has your consultant said to stick at 8 syns?? On plan you are usually recommended to have between 10 and 15 syns a day. If you try to stick to 8 and constantly go over then you are more likely to give in to temptation. Also... syns are part of the plan because your body does actually need a certain amount of fat and sugar in your diet. If you totally cut these out or don't get enough then your body will hold onto what it does get and therefore you won't lose as much (I know it sounds daft but it very true!!).

Also.... the taking a picture thing is an excellent idea but I generally just do this once a month so I can see the differences between each picture more.

Other than that.... good luck!!!! You sound very determined and that is always a good place to start!!!


Getting fit for 30!
S: 25st5lb C: 25st5lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 54 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
heya, thanx for the positive feedback :) this is the only time im doing without going to group cos I can't afford the gym and slimming world membership, its one or the other! I picked 8 because in the past around 8 has beena good number, but if I go over to 15, I wont beat myself up about it.

Thanks for the good vibes and good luck to you too (looking at ur stats ur doing fabulous!!)

Natt xx


Getting fit for 30!
S: 25st5lb C: 25st5lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 54 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
It's start of day 5 and I've noticed something odd... I'm having trouble using my syns! I know it's weird, I'm also having a hard time using any HE's. A's are slightly easier as I love cheese.

For brekkie I have something egg based - free
Lunch something like pasta or jacket potatoe
And for tea something with quorn and rice with bovril or something

Any snacks I have are usually free - Muller Light's, fruit, Mug Shots, stuff like that, so I have a question - one I never thought I'd ask; has anyone got any tips to increase my syn intake in a nutritious way?

Thanks as always

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