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The Final Countdown


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Hi, I guess I should have done this on my rejoin in January but I've decided to start the 30 Day Shred DVD tomorrow and figured this would be a good time to record my weight and measurements along with the exercise I'm doing and food I'm eating.

So a bit about me - I'm 37, single, and work as a police civilian communications supervisor and being a 24/7 'business' I work a 12 hour shift pattern which invariably means when a social event comes up I'm guaranteed to be working a night duty :mad: the job is stressful and I've dealt with that by eating the wrong things at the wrong times all whilst sitting at a desk for hours on end - weight gain was inevitable :cry:

My history with Slimming World is a long one - over 15 years in fact :eek: I've started, succeeded, stopped and failed miserably at maintaining the loss - rejoining more times than I can remember :eek: so this is it THE FINAL COUNTDOWN where I'm going to get to Target and stay there :p

So to recap - Started: January 2011
Weight lost to end of May 2011: 21lbs Weight left to lose: 35lbs

Now whilst 1lb a week is perfectly respectable rate of loss I've no intention of having to wait until New Year to get to Target - so bring on the 30 Day Shred and lets see if we can give this weight loss a boost - it can't get much slower :rolleyes:
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Hi, there! :D
I know all-too well about silly shift patterns and how they screw with your eating. I used to work behind the bar in a nightclub and I wouldn't get home until sometimes 5-6am. I'm currently working in a residential home for the elderly where I'm a care assistant, but we work stupid hours sometimes: 12hr shifts are quite frequent. Lovely.

Anyway, I wish you all the luck in the world with the 30 Day Shred... I am intrigued. What is it?


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wow just wante to wish you the best of luck you've made a great start have to confess the idea of the thirty day shred is hardcare but people seem really into it so you'll have to update so i can see how you get on with it as i am a bit tempted x


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Day 1 Level 1 30 Day Shred Done!

Can't believe its 2am in the morning before I got 5mins peace at work to update this :sigh:

Anyway, first day of the 30 Day Shred went well - couldn't believe how breathless and sweaty I got in what is essentially a 20 minute workout and I'm used to doing spinning :eek: looking forward to seeing some of the fabulous results people have raved about!

For those of you that don't know - The 30 Day Shred is an exercise dvd by Jillian Michael's (the personal trainer from The Biggest Loser USA) and is rumoured to be totally hardcore! I'm resisting the temptation to look ahead to Levels 2 and 3 just in case it scares me off :eek:

Once I get home I will post my 'before' stats and then re-measure once a week - lets lose those inches!!


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gulp think it's one I'll build up to, it'll certainly be something to aim for!


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Disappointing Weigh In

I had a 1.5lb gain today :( had the 'muscle weighs more than fat' phrase trotted out in class :mad:

Drives me doolally when people come out with that phrase - yes I've upped my gym programme and been doing the 30 Day Shred dvd - but my gym trainer says muscles are retaining water whilst they are in the process of repair - so looking forward to that dropping off next week :D onwards and downwards!


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must be frustrating, have you taken any measurements because doing that level of activity you'll soon see a difference am sure you'll get a good result next week xx


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Thanks Patches :) yeah I have taken measurements just going to dig my book out so I can post them on here - I was warned I was likely to gain at the start so wasn't too shocked but still cheesed off as its taken me further away from my goal - trying not to get hung up on weekly results and look at the month overall.


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Done to Much?

ok so after today's shred I felt so good that I went to the gym and did a Legs Bums and Tums class :eek: I also did the same yesterday and Saturday I did a Body Pump class :eek: in fact today I felt so good that I also did a 5k power walk (with variable 2%-6% incline) :D whether I'll actually be able to get out of bed tomorrow remains to be seen :p but if I carry on the way I am I expect to move up to Level 2 of the Shred on Day 8 - may as well go for it big time :whacky068:


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Day 7 - time to move up a level!

So as I've got the day off of work today I thought I'd have a look at Level 2 after doing Level 1 and ended up doing it :eek:

Don't know what possessed me and I won't lie I felt like I was dying throughout the whole thing but its great to know that I'm ready to move up to the next level :D


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Measurements - January to May

Right I've dug my book out where I've been noting down my measurements - will do a comparison between January and May I'm hoping that adding the 30 Day Shred dvd to my regular gym routine will give me the same if not more inch loss for just the month of June - the dvd makes huge promises so we'll see :p

January - weighing 13st 8lb
Arm 13 1/2
Thigh 24 1/2
Calf 14 1/4
Bust (over) 43 1/2
Bust (under) 38
Waist 42
Bum & Tum 46 1/2
Hips 45

May - weighing 12st 1lb
Arm 12 1/2
Thigh 23 1/2
Calf 14
Bust (over) 41
Bust (under) 36
Waist 38
Bum & Tum 43 1/2
Hips 42

So 1 & 1/2 stones loss resulted in the following inch loss:

Arm 1 inch
Thigh 1 inch
Calf 1/4 inch
Bust (over) 2 1/2 inches
Bust (under) 2 inches
Waist 4 inches
Bum & Tum 3 inches
Hips 3 inches

I'm hoping that adding the 30 Day Shred dvd to my regular gym routine will give me the same if not more inch loss for just the month of June - the dvd makes huge promises so we'll see :p


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Why don't I ache?

Right this is a very quick post as I've had a veerrry long day! Even my cat met me half way up the road with a proper mood on because I'd been out of the house for 16 hours :sigh:

I woke when my alarm went off at 0430 and did Level 2 of the Shred before heading off to work for a 12hr shift - I then (don't ask what possessed me) went straight to a spinning class after work :eek:

All day everyone in my Facebook 30 Day Shred group have been posting - how much they ache - how they aren't ready to move up to Level 2 yet, some even demonstrated in person how they can't lift up their arms properly :rolleyes: I honestly didn't think I was particularly more fit than any of them!

It begs the question why - after all the extra gym classes I do as well as the shred - don't I ache :confused:


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Worried about the scales

I weigh in tomorrow morning and I'm really worried about it :wave_cry: what if I've not lost what I gained last week?

I've stuck to plan and worked out LOADS but I feel really bloated :( sods law I won't have lost - will be absolutely gutted :cry:


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A lousy half a pound!

Can't believe I only lost half a pound this week :mad:

When is all this hard work going to pay off :confused:

Oh well will keep plodding along - today I did two gym classes - legs bums tums and body combat - really enjoyed the combat class - gets rid of a lot of aggression :rolleyes:

Did have a good Non Scale Victory today though - Tesco had half price women's clothing so I bought myself a Take That t-shirt for a fiver :eek: denim shorts in SIZE 14 :D
Well done on your loss i'm sure you'll need some clothes soon as your shape must have changed a lot and am sure it will show on the scales at some point but i'm sure the inches must have dropped off you x


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Bargain buys

Due to being on a budget (lets face it the economy is not doing anyone any favours) I've become one of those sad cases that stalk the workers on Tesco that have those reduced sticker guns :eek: have to say though that I got some great bargains :p

chicken fillets for £1.65 - prepacked stir fry for 35p - fruit packs of mango/pineapple for 65p - salad £50p - tuna steaks for £1.85 :eek: reduced from £6.18 :eek: Its just so great knowing that not only have I eaten really well this weekend but its been a bargain too!!

Had a really good work out at gym - did 30mins cardio (power walking/jogging) on treadmill (2.87km) and then did a Body Pump class - very sweaty after - so decided to treat myself to some new gym gear - its an essential purchase honest :rolleyes:
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Double Gym Visits

On a tidy up mission at home and I found a load of old SW books and my gym membership fitness card - from my days of being a proper gym bunny!

Couldn't believe how active I used to be - no wonder I was 9 stone :eek:

So using the adage "if you do what you always did you'll get what you've always got" I've decided to do what I used to do in the hope that it will result in me getting my old body back :p

Today I did a Power Pump workout in the morning and then returned to the gym in the evening to do Step and then Spinning :eek: the minute the washing machine stops (trust me there was no way I could have left my gym kit in that sweaty state) I will be off to bed for a well deserved snooze :D


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So after a couple of weeks of doing 30 Day Shred (officially half way through - woo hoo!) plus gym classes and wondering why I wasn't suffering the same way everyone else does - I've woken up today with aching calves - finally - ouch! I'm blaming that Step class!

Now the big debate I'm having with myself is do I double up on my classes again tonight (Body Pump and Spinning) or do I just leave it at the Shred that I've already done and 'save' myself for tomorrow's early morning spin session :confused: I must say a relaxing evening in front of the tv is looking like a great idea right now especially after that lovely back massage I had at the Spa (a freebie to celebrate their one year anniversary) seems a shame to ruin my relaxed state!


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Half Way Point Measurements

Totally forgot to post my half way point measurements :eek:

Day 15 of 30 Day Shred
Arm 12 (-1/2 inch)
Thigh 23 (-1/2 inch)
Calf 13 3/4 (-1/4 inch)
Bust (over) 41 (STS) :sigh:
Bust (under) 36 (STS)
Waist 37 1/2 (-1/2 inch)
Bum & Tum 43 (-1/2 inch)
Hips 41 (-1 inch)

So in 15 days I've lost 4 1/2 inches :D


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Friday Weigh In

Just a quickie as I'm about to whizz out the door for my spin class (sad I know on a Friday night but needs must :p)

1lb off for me this week! Honestly thought it would be more but seeing as its *week at least I'm back to my Stone & Half Award point and can now make my way (hopefully) into the 11s - onwards and downwards :D

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