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The final stone brigade - join in anytime

I want food, but I don't :mad:

I have about a stone to go. I'm going through that wobbly stage when I begin to feel like I've lost enough even though I haven't. And I just need to try on my size 12 jeans to see they are too tight to motivate me.

There's so many yummy foods out there. Today I was in Waitrose and found a baked banana and caramel cake, and then saw two different types of yummy sourdough bread. I wanted all of them! I didn't buy any of them. I had to shop for my friend and I like looking at food but today, my head was battling a bit more to resist the food. I did it though.

This diet is my choice and I want the weight off. I must remember that. I've always found the last stone the hardest and this time is going to be no exception.
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i'm in exactly the same position as you really struggling to stop putting things in my mouth!!!! still not in the healthy BMI range but i feel fab so its sooo much harder to stay motivated well done you for hanging in there and not buying all those things :)
Thanks. Weirdly enough I didn't want to buy them, I just wanted the taste and the feeling of eating if that makes sense.

You are doing really well and look fab in your pics. Glad to hear from someone else also going into that last phase. :D
i too am a stone from goal, and it really is gettig harder. I feel great, although in my head i still see myself as fat. I want to eat even though I have one stone to go. its a weird set of contradictions and its hard not to get complacent. i thinnk its gonna be even harder when we get to goal....
urghhh. cant bear the thought of doing all this again!! i m near goal but am really worried about gettig there are giving up CD.... its terrifying.


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Hi there
I am not doing CD, have been 100% on LL then Exante since last July and sooooo know how you all feel. I thought this last bit before goal would be easier but it is actually harder & harder every day. Have been struggling with both head and actual hunger today. Just been repeating my mantra - "it's only food, it's only food" lol!

Good luck getting to target ladies!

Ohhhhhhhh the final stone brigade !!!! I'm joining in :D

I'm now food obsessed .... In a good way though!!!! Also have to stop myself from getting complacent!!! So hard when small sizes fit! I'm plodding on though

Know how you all feel though x
Yay, more people. See the thread title change Mrs E?

LL - I know that feeling. It's great you have hubby support.
Mrs E - how tall are you?
Peony - stay and play if you want. Good luck with your last bit too.

I only lost about 1.5 lbs this week but I'm really bunged up. I've run out of Movicol and was trying to avoid buying more. I think I'll have to try Senakot for the next month. Otherwise I'm going to sit here trying to work out how much constipation weighs ;)
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running strictly on fat!
I have around 1.5 stone to lose and I know exactly how you feel...
Somehow, this big determination has gone out of the window and because I am already happy with the way I look and getting all this nice comments does make you complacent. I have exactly a stone from healthy BMI and 10 lbs to get to the goal.
I would be happy joining final stone brigade xxx


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think what makes it worse is when people tell you that you dont need to lose anymore etc etc,

I agree i get such lovely compliments left right and centre because i look so much better than before, got to remember that that doessn't necessarily mean i look great now just better than before. I'm still overweight. I'm trying extra hard today hope everyone else in here has an easy day :)


Back 2 finish my journey
lawyergirl. Target: 136 lbs Date: 25/03/2010
doubledebra. Target: 150lbs Date: 05/04/2010
Hiya can I join you please! I have 6 weeks left of my original 12 week ss, and I have 1 stone 2lbs to go!! I love how I am looking now but still desperately want that extra stone gone and to be "healthy" (bmi)! xx
lawyergirl. Target: 136 lbs Date: 25/03/2010
doubledebra. Target: 150lbs Date: 05/04/2010
Kyliet. Target: 133lbs Date 08/04/2010 (16lbs to go)
Oh I forgot how much I need to lose. Welcome Kylie.

doubledebra. Target: 150lbs Date: 05/04/2010
Kyliet. Target: 133lbs Date 08/04/2010 (16lbs to go)
lawyergirl. Target: 136 lbs Date: 25/03/2010 (13 lbs to go)

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