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the final stone!

right i have finally decided, i need 1 more stone to go and then i will be at target..didnt have a target as such before and have just stayed around what i am now, which im not unhappy with,and have been exercising a lot to tone up, but would like to lose 1 more stone. anybody else have 1 stone left to lose? would be great if u could join me and we can help each other get rid of the last pounds which are always the worst!!
thanks guys xxx :)
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I'll join you. I got into my final stone last week and only lost a pound this week. I lost my last three stone pretty easily and can see this last stone is going to be a slog.

We can get each other through it.


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Me - one stone to go and am going to Spain in July. I don't know if I can shift it in 3 months, but I'm going to give it a good go.

What exercise have you been doing? I'm a member of DW sports and do Zumba, Aerobics, Body Combat (that's my new one - loved it), Pump & Tone, Legs Bums & Tums and Body Tone. (Oh, and Tap dancing, but not sure if I can count that really).
I started back in January at home and decided not to weigh myself but just get on with it, and yesterday was the first time back on the scales since then and I can up as 9 st 12 lb. I'm only 5'1" so think 8st 12lb to 9 stone would be a good place to be.


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Of course tap dancing counts Lucky7. It has to as I count my bellydancing. Then again the Monday night teacher is evil and wants to kill us all through exhaustion - frantic choreographies and no rest between run throughs (the music has re-started before you've had chance to get back to your starting place).


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I was 0.5lbs away from my final stone, but being naughty I'm a little way away now :( will definately come join you once i've lost the gained weight :) Good luck!!
yay lotsa replies! i do my exercise dvd 3 times a week and walk everywhere i go not loadsa exercis really but i wasnt doing any before :) i can see these final pounds not leaving me ever! its hard when ppl say u look good but u know ur not where u wanna be for yourself, oh and lucky7 im 5ft 1 too!! xxx


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I know what you mean about it being hard, people keep saying how good you're looking, esp when they also say "where from" when you say you still need to lose a stone.

I'm feeling pretty tall here at 5ft 2.
hehe! taller than me! well we can do this together! had full 15 syns today! naughty :( lol hope ur days going more well behaved! xxxx


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Not too bad at the moment, I haven't had any syns yet today so deciding what to have whilst waiting for chicken currey.

It's not naughty to use your syns, they're there to be used and keep life interesting.
i just feel bad when i have them! i never really go under 11 syns tbh! mmm chicken curry, maybe a bit too spicy for me i prefer korma, but too much cream in it:( xxxx
At 5'2.5, I'm trying to lose my last stone too :) I want to be 8stone 5lb, but I don't know if that'll make me too skinny then
What goal weights is everyone else going for?
hiya hun im currently 8st 8 and wanna lose a stone, im only 5ft1 :( lol like i said i dont feel unhappy this weight, i just want to be how i feel happiest, but if i get too skinny then my oh will soon tell me! i dont think u will look too skinny, but u will have to see what you look like, at the end of the day if your happy with your body then **** everyone else! sorry to sound rude :eek: are you happy how you are now hun? xxxxx
Yeah, I'm sorta happy - well much happier than I was when I was bigger! Hardly anyone has mentioned anything to me about how much weight I've lost. I think people are too polite lol. Basically I'd like to be confident enough to wear a bikini. What about you? you're a skinny minnie already! You'll need to be tied down soon so the wind doesn't blow you away hehe xxx

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