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The First Day of the rest of my life tomorrow

Hey everybody,

I hope its okay for me to post here but tomorrow is a big day for me as its the day I start Lipotrim again and hopefully this time for the last time. I intend to stick to it 100% but I guess easy to say that now after a day of eating all the **** that got me here in the first place; its my last dance with this type of food for a long time and I hope I will moderate or eliminate these foods when I'm maintaining.

Sorry for rambling on but this journey means so much to me this time more than the last time. I want to beat my food addiction for good, I actually blame it for destroying a whole lot of my life, heavy stuff but thats the way I feel. Im heading down a very bad road if I dont do it this time, Im even afraid Ill have a breakdown if I continue ruining my body and mind with senseless eating.

So, Im writing here to psyche myself up, thats what Ive been doing the last few days. Im wondering if Im the only one like this or am I focusing too much on weightloss to improve my life. I know it wont solve life's problems but its a step in the right direction at least. For me, being slim means confidence and better able to face the world. I know its not my soul but what I do know for sure is that weight has damaged my soul.

Any ideas on this, any suggestions, negations? I know it might be a bit too deep but on my journey this time I want to get to the root of my weight problems and gain the information, not just the nutritional information so that I will never end up like this again.

Thanks to anyone who reads and replies to the post, I just know that learning from others will also help me conquer this ''Food and weight obsession'' that has haunted me all my life.

By the way, I'm not a nutter or anything, its just I feel I can express my feelings here more than in the real world and Im hoping this will help me and others who have struggled with weight in this way. To my friends and family, I'm the tough cookie. If only they knew!!!:eek:
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Hi welcome and good luck you sound focussed and ready go for it xx

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Me too!

I am exactly the same as you! its doing my head in the endless diets ive tried and failed. like u my weight is a big issue and i blame only myself. the thing is its so hard for me to loose weight with such negative attitudes from people around me but i know once i start and stay motivated i will stick with it and like you say the more confidence you have the happier you are... so here goes day one and ive had my first shake.....good luck :-D and if you need someone to talk to i am more than happy x
Thanks so much for all your words of encouragement, means a lot. I thought I wouldnt get any replies because it was too deep so much appreciated. Im looking forward to catching up with ye to see how ye are getting on, and hopefully i can give ye words of encouragement too. We can do this!!!!!!! xxxx


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Hi candy, I can tell we are on a similar page with this :) I started yesterday on 100% LT and I am excited that at last I am taking control of me. I spend so much time thinking of other's needs first, I realise I have put myself on the 'To Do List' that never gets taken care of! You sound like a great person.... please keep us posted on how well you're doing x
Thanks uklady, especially for saying I sound like a great person, I dont know if I am but that means a lot. You sound like a great person yourself, lovely and genuine. Maybe if we started believing these things about ourselves, weightloss might be forever.

I think a lot of women never take time for themselves and if they do, they're overcome with guilt. I think this has got to change. I'm a single Mom, on hols at mo from work and constantly worrying about my young son because he's always up at his nana's because she reared him when I returned to college and he's very attached to my mother. The guilt kills me but I'm trying to realise that me stuffing my face and making myself feel bad all the time is not helping him. I want him to be a happy, well rounded fellow who can cope with what life throws him. My Mom keeps saying that hes very lucky because he has two women swanning after him all the time but I still feel bad that hes not with me all the time. All his friends are near my Mams and he seems content so maybe Im being ridiculous. My Mam has warned me to stay away for a few days, just spend some time on myself and stop feeling guilty. So, Im trying to do that but in tears as I write this. But this time, Im not giving in to myself, I have to do this for my son as well as myself. He needs a happy, secure Mom and losing weight is a step towards this. Jesus, Im rambling again.

Thanks uklady so much for your kind words, I guess I find it difficult or unusual to hear Im a great person. I hope you spend time on yourself, I can tell you deserve it and I know we can give more to people in our lives when we're happier in ourselves. So here goes, we can do it!!!! xxx
To tonibobbit, can I just say, please, try to ignore the negativity around you, negativity can bring you down. Dont worry about others opinions and stay steadfast in your promise to yourself and STAY POSITIVE. Believe in yourself and that your life will get better, it will when you believe and those negative influences will be a distant memory.

To uklady, Its imperative you stick to your guns and look after yourself, because you owe that to yourself and the people around you will start to appreciate you more when they see that. When we start loving ourselves, those around us will too!!

To anyone who replied, thanks for your kind words. It really meant a lot. I just wanted to give words of encouragement too because your words meant a lot to me. Great deserving, decent people on this. We all need to give ourselves a break and finally do this!!!!!! xxxxxx
Guilt is an insidious thing, it eats away at our self-esteem and actually makes bad things happen. I'm sure your Mum is right about him being lucky to have the both of you, it's really only in modern times that children haven't been shared with grandparents for rearing. Do you mean Mum has asked you to stay away from your son for a few days? I wonder if that's what you want. If you are happy staying away for a few days and can enjoy focussing on you, then it's a great idea. Obviously he enjoys his Nan's company and knows you both love him - so he's fine. On the other hand if you are just going to pine and miss him, maybe you want to spend quality time with your son, either at home or at your Mum's - and that's great too. The main thing is you should believe in what you are doing. People will always be full of good advice and all will be well intentioned. The problem is there is no one right answer, there are lots of rights and lots of wrongs. You are the only one who can really decide on your own right answer. Do what you need to for you and your son. You are a special family and your Mum is part of that - but you are HIS Mum and he loves you - no matter where he wants to spend his time.
Thanks Lass for that. My Mom actually means well by saying what she said. She wants me to have a few days to myself coz being 10, my son is full of activity and we usually do lots of activities everyday. I also took him on a week's holiday last week so even though he spends time at my Moms, my whole life is wrapped around him which I thoroughly enjoy but my Mom knows I need to sort this weight thing that has been getting me down for months. I just feel guilty that Im thinking of myself and spending time on myself. Silly I know. But I know when I sort myself out, Ill be a far better Mom to my son. My son means the world to me and I just get a bit weepy about him. Just want whats best for him. I dunno if any of this makes sense. Anyway, thanks Lassxxx
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hiya hun sounds like you might need them few days to yourself get into the diet and past the dreaded 3-4 day stage im sure your a fab mum you are doing this for you and him keep your chin up hunni you can do it!!! xxx


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Good Luck you - I'm sure you will be terrific.

I know the forums here are full of people that understand and care. I never ever thought I could communicate with others about food addiction - I know you'll understand that feeling when, if you know there is something nice to eat in the house, you just have to hunt it out and eat it - wether you're hungry or not!

It's great you can say that here without feeling like a total freak!

You go Girl - You'll be fine [and we will help you] :girlpower:
Thanks Kel for the positive, kind words. I am bringing my son to cinema tomorrow, was on phone to him but I think Ill get through it. Have to. Looking forward to watching Harry Potter with him, though he'll be curious why Im not eating his popcorn, haha.

Ted. E. Bear, no way are you a freak. Lots of people feel like you, including myself as youve seen what I said. Food addiction is very common and Im glad we're having the courage enough to admit it. Its not easy to overcome but we can do it.

Im on my second shake here and yep, feel peckish but this is just my old habits coming to fore so just admitting the thought of food and saying No to it. Hope this continues!!!

Good luck and I look forward to chatting again xx


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Hi just wanted to wish you luck :)


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Hi Candyloss. I'm the same as you, just eating crap for no reason and this diet is my way of breaking the viscious cycle. Food can be an addiction but unfortunately we have to face it every day which is totally different to how you'd manage any other addiction. This is the main reason I'm doing this diet, because it gives us a chance to break the addiction.
I'm in my 3rd week and I really like the control of actually having to say no to food. I know you're in the early stages and it's difficult, but it gets so much easier after the first week. Right now I don't even want to eat junk food. I went to see harry potter with my friends and was totally happy sitting with my bottle of water while they all got huge buckets of popcorn. I was just thinking 'I'm going to be so much happier and healthier by doing this.'
The weight flies off and that motivates you to keep going. I wish you all the best of luck and let's hope we can overcome these problems! x
Cinematic, thanks so much for telling me you got through seeing Harry Potter without as much as a pick of popcorn, I hope I can think like you tomorrow when im at cinema.

And wow, youre on week 3, youre doing brill. Im going to think of what youve said tomorrow at the cinema and how you got through it. Im actually ok today but I know its very early days. Wish I was at your point, but that will come too, I hope. Thank you xx

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