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the first time..

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morning all..

well this morning was the first time ive actually ate breakfast since i was about 15!..
ive just eaten a bowl of oatsosimple and to be honsest its knocked me sick!
i know i know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but urgh it was making me ill eating it so early!!

does eating breakfast really contribute to weigh loss!
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It breaks your fast, lol breakfast. It lets your body know you're up and active, and so your metabolism can get to work.
I hated, absolutely hated breakfast. Made me sick to eat before I was up at least 3 hours. But now I have breakfast every morning, and actually look forward to it.
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I agree - it has also been proven that people are moer alert and concentrate better when they have a breakfast. So the benefits are not just to weight loss. It's just another bad habit you have got into that you will need to break.
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Porridge makes me feel ill anyway. Try crispbread or fruit, before long you'll need it, I never ate breakfast but now I feel bad if I don't!
Try eating an hour after getting up, but don't fill up on coffee in that hour, sip some hot water and lemon it will stimulate your appetite!


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I know what you mean I hate having breakfast. It makes me feel ill. But i do have beter weight losses when i try to have it!
I cant do breaky hun, but i find a HiFi bar helps within an hour of waking, then some fruit a little later if i'm peckish! :) x
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Alyce said:
I cant do breaky hun, but i find a HiFi bar helps within an hour of waking, then some fruit a little later if i'm peckish! :) x
I agree with Alyce, can't do brekky but on my drive to work I'll have an alpen light or hifi bar x
S: 11st12lb C: 11st12lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks everyone .. i suppose i will get use to it. and maybe need to think about having somthing smaller to eat first thing.. i have to say i am only just starting to feel hungry now so am having lunch now..so i guess it did the trick in filling me up but i also felt bloated all morning to !!
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I hate having breakfast. Im not hungry, it makes me feel sick and I dont have the time in the mornings to faf!
So Ill eat a banana while walking dd to school, and then have a mullerlight yogurt for my snack later to keep my tummy at bay untill dinner time.
The only time Ill eat a proper breakfast is if I have a hangover or if my oh makes me bacon sandwiches or something, and then its usually more dinner than breakfast time!
The problem with breakfast is that if i don't have any I get hungry about 11 and then i have some fruit to keep me going until lunch, but if i do have it i'm hungry by 9.45!
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Bad habit I know, but I really cant face breakfast first things in the mornings :jelous: so I eat it during my first break at work at 10am.
Don't force yourself to eat - thats silly, especially if it makes you feel or be sick!

If you can stomach a banana or maybe an apple then have that, or maybe a yogurt, but not porridge - its really heavy & filling.

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