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The food incinerator Thread

hi all, i dont no if anyone has done what im doing before, but im going to do it anyway.
im 19 living at home in telford , england, and way 17.5 stone.
the problem with me is that i eat and cant stop. i eat when im bored, when im lonely , when im happy or upset. i dont have many friends nor much of a social life.
i am not a fussy eater and will eat anything that is available , but my weight is now making me depressed.
i have spoked to numourous people and they have all said that what i need to do, is occupy myself , get a hobby, and do something other than eat when ever i get the craving.

i found in the past the only time i did stop eating , was when i speant time with my girl friend, but since she left for university, about 1 month ago i have gained nearly 1stne.

so heres my plan , i am not going to count calories , or work out how many i have burnt during exercise. but simply eat my normal 3 meals a day, but without the snacking in between. and whenever i get a craving for food, occupy myself, by writing what im feeling on this thread.

that is why i am writing now , i have just finished college and have nothing to do, i know that downstiars theres a fridge full of sausage rolls , and a cupboard full of biscuits. already today i have eaten 4 weetabix for breakfast, a crunchie chocolate bar, a bottle of coke, and a quater pound meal from mcdonalds , 3 doghnuts, and 4 custard creams. and its only just turned 13.30. i whent to reach for the yoghurts in my fridge as i thought no, its time to change. so here i am.

i am not hungry, and after eating a huge sunday roast dinner, i still dont feel full, i just crave food contantly.

anyway, ill write again when i am next wanting food, i am still wanting to go get those yoghurts, im going to stay in my room , maybe watch tv, may be brave enough to pick up those dumbells, and not go any were near the kitchen untill my mom tells me my dinner is ready.
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