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The future of shopping....


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I love it:D
Love it - but we could get into serious trouble here!


Happy in my own skin
How amazing would that be....no blisters from the killer heels either!
wow that would be fantasic!!!
daisy x


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LOL Lind we are kindred spirits :D I'd be pitched up next to you!
lol - if you ladies think you were bad BEFORE LL, just you wait till you hit goal. In fact, I would suggest building an extension to your wardrobes NOW, so you are ready!

I don;t need hangers anymore - I just part clothes - insert new items - let clothes go, and they are held up by sheer compression!! Overflowing is not the word! LOL


Is feeling the love!
I confess I have made room in the wardrobe by removing all my husbands clothes! He now has a bit of space in our sons wardrobe and a couple of odd shelves that are too high for me!!! hehe.

AJB, you're right I think we are kindered spirits!!! :D:giggle:
Like I said to BL
We are half the size we used to be, the clothes now take up twice the space - does that mean we have 4 times as many.............?
I think so - and the shoes, and the bags
and the underwear etc, etc, etc !!!!

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