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The Good, and the bad


Making it all add up
OK, two things to mentions today.


Firstly I spent a couple fo hours on Sunday going through my clother - we'd been given 2 charity collection bags that spurred me on.

Anyway, it took a coupel fo hours trying everything one, and pretty much having to throw everything away! I look like a achoolboy wearing his dad's shirts for painting classes, and these are the only shirts that would fit me just 10 weeks ago!

So that's very good, and very pleasing, although I am not buying new clothes until I hit Goal as I don't want to have anything to 'grow into', this time around.

However, this has also given me real inscurity issues about letting go, and not being able to maintain at or around Goal weight (in realty I am now the lightest I have been as an adult, but still in the obese category, and want to lose at least another 2 stone)

This leads me on to


As well as the self-doubt (or is it fear of the unknown) above, I'm also now getting comments from family members about 'not losing any more' and 'stopping soon to go to RTM'.

Now I know this is not unusual, and I am losing weight for myself, no one else, I am finding this very hard. On top of that I am now starting to get really bored with the packs and the whole routine. I am really noticing all sorts of f##d smells, and even starting to think about what I can eat & when, once on RTM. The good news is that I am thinking, not acting, and I am thinking about healthy f##d not junk.

The timetable is compounded by a city break on 22 May (21st Wedding Anniversary), and I have promised to be sufficiently through RTM to be able to eat out & enjoy a drink with my wife). This means that my goal date of Easter Week, can be flexible by 1-2 weeks to allow alcholol at the right stage of RTM, which shouldn't be of a concern.

All in all, nust having an interesting time with teh diet at the moment. I've been through quite a bit in the past 10 weeks and not waivered, but I guess it's just the right time for me to 'wobble' especially with the end in sight...
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Making it all add up


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Hi Sean, Well doen on the clothes that must be really motivating :) Can't imagine how you're feeling about RTM as I have only just started LL,but it sounds as if this is quite normal at this stage.I'm sure someone will come along who can give you some of their personal experience which will be more helpful!Good luck with your trips away


Is back in the saddle!
There certainly does seem to be a bit of a pattern in having a wobble at about this time. :)

You have a good time period all worked out and you should be on target for that. If after you've had time to re assess how you feel and where you are at in June, you can always go for the Refreshers and take it a step at a time. When you have 'finished', LL does not cut you free to sail off into the sunset, you're a member for life and it's a great tool that you can use again if you feel you have the need and there are several different ways you can go about it to suit you.

Also, this forum isn't going anywhere, we'll all still be here giving you support when you need it like you give others.

Well done on the clear out, I haven't found the guts for that yet. :sigh:


Making it all add up
Thanks JCJ & Foxtrot.

I've been thinkinag about my attitude since I wrote the above, and have come to the conclusion that what people say about me is right. I am a very competitive person!

Now that comes as a bit of a surprise to me, as I never really see myself in those terms, but it does make sense (and the more I think about it, the more examples of it's truth I find).

So, having set myself a goal, I think it's fear of failure rather than anything else that I am feeling. Maybe I resent the (often very sensible) advice of others as they are effectively giving me the option to (in my mind at least) fail, which is something that I do not allow myself?

Also, with the May break looming, I have put added pressure on myself to be at a certain stage on RTM, as I have promised my wife regarding the weekend?

Sorry to go on, but I've not really opened up on these board before, and it is helping. More to ponder, and WI tonight as well - will be interested in my reaction to that!
I have put added pressure on myself to be at a certain stage on RTM, as I have promised my wife regarding the weekend?
That's the biggest thing that I would advise agasint not doing.
You simply cannot put a dealine on being the weight you want to be, only on how long you are willing to do LL for - the weight will come off as quick or slow as your body wants to lose it, and aside from sticking to the packs 100%, you can't change how long it will take.

I'm a prime example of that fact; in mid-feb, I was making plans that by Easter time, based on my losses, I would be 'done' and in RTM - Easter is 3 weeks away, over the last month I've barely lost 7lbs, and at this rate it's going to be Summer before I get to RTM, which is quite an extension!
I was browisng through you're post. About the good. Don't worry about you not letting go of that person that you once were. It's normal and it takes time to adjust to the new you, although when you'll finally reach your goal and see what you can wear and how good you look to, well you'll get over it.
About the bad, and I talk from experience, do not let people get you down. I did lighter life in october 07 and lost all the weight, I was happy and felt good. Then after Christmas it all went wrong, first my family and friends in France, who I did not see for a good 8 months were shocked. I had all kind of comment one being: Are you dying?? I was really upset. Then some friends, here in London, gave me some comments too, like "That's enough, you're too thin, you're not yourself anymore". It really hurt ang got to me, I stop the diet altogether and reagained all the weight I have lost.
To be fair I had some real compliments but did not care, the bad upstaged the good. Shame...
Anyway, now I'm back on another diet, which works too, so I'm hapy, the only thing now is that I'm stronger and know what I want for me and me only.
Good luck with the rest of you diet and don't pressure yourself too much. Take the time you need to succeed


Making it all add up
Well just goes to show

Good grief, I'm fickle!

Great WI last night, and this lunch I've been out to buy some cheap (smaller) trousers.

Amazingly, I now fit comfortably into 38' waist, which I can't remember being <40', for ever - so very pleased with that. :D

What's even more incredible is that the 38' jeans were too big!!!! I have purchased a pair of 36' :eek::D:eek:

Blimey, NEVER thought I'd see the day.

Shallow, me? You Bet.


Is back in the saddle!
Wow!! Booster!! Well done Sean!
Sean said:
this lunch I've been out to buy some cheap (smaller) trousers.

Amazingly, I now fit comfortably into 38' waist, which I can't remember being <40', for ever - so very pleased with that. :D

Nice one mate!
I did exactly the same yesterday, I nearly had a fit of joyness in the changing room when I got the trousers on and they fitted with a little room to spare! LOL :D

These are the things that keep us going in the hard times!

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