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The gremlin took over today

...or more truthfully I gave in to the gremlin. I could almost feel myself give permission to myself to do it by telling myself "everyone has at least one relapse; you'll work it off in the gym; no-one needs to know" :(

I could have rang my CDC but I didn't, I gave up all effort to try and make another healthier choice.

I rang and ordered pizza and dessert; the buzz when it arrived and the anxiety I had while waiting has only reinforced to me more that I have addiction behaviours around food.

I now feel physically sick and headachy and I ate the food so fast I didn't even enjoy it!

I'm so disappointed in myself but am back on plan now. No more excuses.

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My husband = My hero
oh sweet, what a crappy day for u...

dont let it become a habbit!

write down how you felt and then when you feel like doing it again you can read about how sick and miserable u feel!!

stay strong!
thats good advice lauren.

I would just say if you feel the urge to eat and you can't stop yourself, make sure you have some meats in the fridge you can snack on. They wont affect your weight too much, well not like Pizza lol! and keep you in ketosis.

Chin up, tomorrow is another day.
Thanks guys.

Trying not to get into too much of a tailspin about it and focussing on just continuing on the plan.

Shaz.. mood I was in I would have eaten the food in the fridge and then called for pizza anyway .. white carbs and sugar are my drug.

Good idea about writing it down Lauren
Excellent attitude CG, write it down and move on. We are human and sometimes these episodes just reinforce how pointless giving in is.
So back to the plan, a little read of the diet guy and go and give yourself a motivational chat in the mirror about how brilliant you are and how well you are doing.
We are all here for you.
Dolls xx


Slowly but surely x
oh Im bound to get that in the next few weeks :(
But listen hun, just remember that feeling of wolfing it down and the feelingg you encountered after you demolished it...... is it worth crewing £40 that week over?
Its not the food thats tempting me away from this diet, its the cost and that is my biggest nail biter.
Hi Hun just echoing what the others have said really. It has happened and I'm sure you will work through the reasons why but I also think you will dust yourself off and get back on the plan. As I've said before I love your attitude and approach to CD - this is a small setback that's all xx
its really hard to do this diet...... I found that going up to 810 for a week or so has helped me... lost 12.5 pounds in the three weeks and tomorrow I go for just the SS again, I feel ready, I don't think i was ready three weeks ago, which i think is why I struggled, lets start SS tomo together Goreygirl, PM me lets go for it, where about the same weight too :)
lets start SS tomo together Goreygirl, PM me lets go for it, where about the same weight too :)

I can't PM you yet; you don't have "privileges"... but will def join you! I'm back in my headspace now so feeling positive and in control again. I know why I did it so I have to avoid that pattern in the future.
I can't PM either :( you know what, one pizza definately wont have undone all the weight you have lost so far.... perhaps get out tomo and do one of those hikes you do??
It only takes 50 posts or so .. you'll get there fast enough. Going to get up as soon as I wake and drive to the local long beach and do a walk/run... then hit the gym on the way back for a swim. We used to have a fab beach for that 10 mins away but it got washed away in last years storms
well I'm off to bed now :)
I tell you before I go.... try that golden vegatable mix drink that cambridge does..... its really nice :)
will do...

sleep tight and chat tomorrow

Gg x
How have you been today, I've stuck to SS all day and feel ok and positive about tomorrow :) I was abit gutted diva fever left the x factor as they made me laugh altho i didnt ring up and vote, I never do, so I can't really complain can I, I hope you kept the gremlin at bay, you've done so well, don't you dare quit over just one slip up!! :)

I stuck it today aswell but did very little. Feel better about things too. Can't stand watching the X-Factor... winds me up too much lol. Although my sister is developing strange yearnings for Wagner! I'm thinking of divorcing her as a result.

All set for tomorrow... thanks for the support :D

Good luck tomorrow.

got up early today and all ready for my porridge!!
Good luck today
hope your weigh in was ok, I only lost 1lb this week but thats because I started my TOTM after I got weighed :( my CDC said I was probably carrying extra fluid, anyway hope you are ok :)
Hey Gg, just wanted to check in and see how you were doing? :)

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