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The Gym

Hey all,

For the first time in my entire life & slimming world journey i am going to exercise! :eek: granted my body seems to lose weight without exercising, but i feel unhealthy still.. so..

Im joining my loacl gym, and my package includes the gyum swimming and all the classes.

My plan is to go to aerobics on a monday, and then do one other day of the week either gym or swimming, and i'l alternate, .. class and gym, class and swim etc.

However, i do not enjoy exercising much, but i am reli excited about joining..and having somthing else to do with myself and i really think without being un-realistic about it i could really throw myself into it.

but i am nervous about going on my own as i can't find another gym buddy ( as it is so expensive) so i just wanted some advise really.. the best times of day to go, what sort of machines im needing to focus on using to strengthen my chest muscles, get rid of me bingo wings, tone up me thighs and stomach. so if theres anyone else out there in the same position or who does reguarly go to the gym with any advise it would be very much appriciated.

Im not reli going to boost myw eight loss, as im only 12 pounds from target and i know i will get there easily and am in no rush. i just want a nice -less wobbley shape :)

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Hiya hun,

My advice with the gym is make it part of your daily routine - i go after work in the evenings but before i go home that way it feels part of my day.. Also you sound really sensible with what your planning to do - last year i tried to do too much at once and got bored - this year i have been going since January in a routine and absolutely love it!! Would hate not being able to go now..

With regards to exercises - when you go you should have an induction for using the machines as well as doing weights etc.. for toning. Everyone is different so its best to get a plan from a qualified gym instructor as you don't want to end up hurting yourself and then not being able to go..

I don't go with anyone either so i invested in a cheap mp3 player that i have downloaded loads of songs on to - this keeps me entertained through my workout and i change the music when i start to get fed up.

I can honestly say going to the gym really helps me to clear my head and feel happy - strange but it really does.

Good luck with it i really hope you enjoy it!!

K xx
The best sort as a beginner is swimming, i would say that you will start to tone those areas in a very short time. The great thing about swimming is that you are supported in natural bouyancy and your muscle groups are given a good work out without to much stress on the body.

Well done I hope it works well , as I am sure it will.

Phil x


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I never enjoyed exercise at school, but the gym is different. Your induction will set you off on a plan that should be progressed every 6 weeks or so. You will notice a big difference in your fitness quite quickly. I especially loved the aquafit classes. They are great fun and much harder work than you realise at the time! Good luck.
ooooo... maybe i should do aquafit instead of aerobics, because i really would enjoy swimming. But i havn't been since i was 12. I brought my first swimming costume in years about 2 months ago and it still has the tags on ... im going to check out the times for the aquafit..

red1983.. thats exactly how i feel.. i dont want to throw myself into going too often, because i know il go for the first 2 weeks and soon get bored.. i want to build it up over time at a comfortable rate and have it as part of my weekly routine. . . plus my mother doesnt think il stick with, so i need to prove her wrong haha.

Frontier-phil.. thank you very much for your advise and support ( and the rest of you!)

i will be sure to let you know how my induction is.. i dont want to end up hurting myself!! lol.. i think it may be a bit of a shock to the system.. like i said. i am not the exercising type! will deffo invest in an mp3 me thinks xxxxxxxxxxx

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