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  1. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    Anyone cooking from it? Made my second meal today, gorgeous!!! :D
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  3. sprytez

    sprytez Full Member

    my hubby saw the book today, i think we'll be picking it up tomorrow as i LOVE these guys! good to know someone else is working with them!
  4. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    Try the chilli salad bowl first :) really filling and lovely (if you eat meat).
  5. sprytez

    sprytez Full Member

    those crumpets don't 'alf look amazing also.... so many meal ideas for under 400cals too, and the under 300cal ones mean DOUBLE PORTIONS!!!! wooooooooot!
  6. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    had the crumpets wow they was bloody lovely
  7. LadyJo

    LadyJo Silver Member

    I've done the beef and ale casserole yum yum. Need to dig it out again. My hubs wants the pizza dough pies making one day! And I must do the chilli bowls!!
  8. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    Did the spicy bean and vegtable stew, really nice, trying g the cajun chicken and wedges tonight. X
  9. LadyJo

    LadyJo Silver Member

    Let me know how it goes, my hubby's got his eye on them !
  10. PandaNate

    PandaNate Silver Member

    Both are gorgeous, you actually make a pot of their spice up for the chicken and have loads left over.. wedges were gorgeous, second meal we just had the chicken in wraps.

    So I've lived on the spicy bean and vegtable stew for a few days. I put off eating it thinking it would taste just like a bowl of vegetables, everytime I had it for dinner I was surprised by it lol... its gorgeous, loads of flavour!
  11. LadyJo

    LadyJo Silver Member

    Well I've just bought the bits for the skinny lasagne for Saturday night. So will let u know how it goes!!! Looking forward to the cheese cos I've been buying low fat recently but got the extra mature as it says mmmmm
  12. *Loulabelle*

    *Loulabelle* Full Member

    i've made the Paprika Chicken, the breaded chicken and the Beef and Ale Casserole. These recipes are amazing and taste sooo nice!

    Also having a fussy OH... he LOVES the idea of all the recipes he's seen in the book so far... looking through it now as i want to try something else! :)
  13. LadyJo

    LadyJo Silver Member

    The lasagne is in the oven, it's been emotional as my cat thought it would be a good idea to jump on my kitchen side and then drag my slices tomatoes down with her!!! So lasagne with no tomatoes on top :( hope it's nice anyway!
  14. LadyJo

    LadyJo Silver Member

    Wasn't so much a lasagne than a plate of mush!!! Tasted lovely I will definatley make the red and white sauce again but the leek layers I'm not convinced!!
  15. sprytez

    sprytez Full Member

    made the cumin spiced veg (as a main, gorgeous), the mediterranean burgers (gorgeous), chilli bowls (though i copped out on the "bowl" part and just did chilli in wraps - but still, gorgeous); this week i'll be making the cod with parma ham (though it'll be pollack with prosciutto), spanish chicken, tuna pasta salad (as a main) and beef and ale casserole.

    loving it <3
  16. thedream

    thedream Full Member

    I had the same experience with the skinny lasange, it was a nightmare to dish up and was a lot of effort blanching and layering leek sheets! I needed far more leek than the recipe stated too. It did taste very much like lasange to me which made it slightly worth all the fuss, but perhaps that's because it is lasange simply without pasta? Think I would make it again with lasange sheets, as I'm sure it's still lower in calories than other recipes.

    Have you tried any others since?

    I've made the chicken jalfrezi which I thought was lovely, and the cottage pie. Oh, and the breaded chicken is gorgeous, I make it every time we have stale bread instead of throwing the bread away, its such a treat.

  17. Kiwi #

    Kiwi # Full Member

    I can vouch for the Thai green chicken curry it is delicious and so easy to make.
  18. sprytez

    sprytez Full Member

    bolognese with shredded white cabbage instead of pasta - sounds iffy but it really REALLY works!

    crispy chicken is so moist and scrummy - i flattened mine so it was a cross between a schnitzel and a breast fillet, and found that there were a lot of breadcrumbs, could have easily double crumbed them. but it really worked and was delicious and so easy.

    the meatballs i found didn't bind as easily as i would have liked. this may be due to the onions not being chopped finely enough (next time i'll whizz them in the food processor) and my almost phobic reaction to touching raw meat... i was forming the meatballs using two dessert spoons. tasted wonderful, i made twice the amount and froze some for next time :)
  19. BabyBlueEyes

    BabyBlueEyes Full Member

    The golden vegetable soup is amazing. Not a fan of butternut squash but was surprised at how nice it is. Can't wait to try some of the fakeaway recipes x
  20. donnajt

    donnajt Addicted to Minimins!

    I got my copy last week and so far have made:

    * Cottage Pie (but I just made the mince and had it ontop of a jacket spud with cheese, this is almost identical to their Mum Knows Best Recipe - minus the red wine - next time I will leave out the tinned tomatoes)
    HB Skinny Sav Mince.jpg
    * Spanish Chicken (def my fav so far I used loads of black pepper)
    * Beef & Ale Casserole (delish and low enough in cals to have two dumplings)
    HB Rich Beef and Ale Casserole.jpg
    *Easy Crispy Chicken tonight, served with actifry chips, corn on the cob and salad
    HB Crispy Chicken.jpg
    * Lamb Potato & Spinach Curry
    HB Sag Ghost.jpg
    Last edited: 26 March 2013
  21. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    oh donna yum yum i have just gone on amazon and ordered the book cannot wait to try these luvly worth given my friday night wine up for been told i have to if i want the weight to keep coming off see here we go hairy bikers

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