The Harvester


I ate my willpower!
Hi All

A new Harvester has just opened and hubby was hungry so we went in. I was all set to have a chicken salad but then stopped and had.......

A bottle of water!! I am really pleased with myself. I start my new job tonight so at least I will be totally focused on that and not feeling guilty because I have eaten something!
What a massive achievement, no wonder you are so proud of yourself you have every right to be. This is a real turning point and one for your diary so big pat on the back from the chicken household :D
That's not an easy thing to do...well done and be proud of yourself !
Fantastically impressed with you, I dont think I could do that, that shows the best ever self control x
I have gone a buggered it up now! Had some chicken kebab meat. Finished a heavy training session at work and was so hungry I started to shake. I know it will not knock me out of ketosis and it's my TOTM week this week so I am not expecting a huge loss anyway. Next week will be easier as I will have settled into my new job by then and can get back into a better routine where I can drink my water etc.