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The Journey of H - depression

Well after trying WW I have now planned to jump on the SW wagon as it rolls past tomorrow

tomorrow is planned out and from there I will be 100% for as many days as I can each week

I see this as an opportunity - an opportunity to a healthier me - at the present time I have real problems with my arthritis and I am sure that will ease as the weight drops off

I am on several lots of meds two of which I am sure I wont need when the weight is less - and hopefully no pain killers either
some days I can take up to 15 pills a day I want to reduce that to two at the most :)

both my parents had type II diabetes and high blood pressure - I have the blood pressure problems and need to work on my health now

I have done this before just the once - Slimming World worked well for me then so I know it can again
this time I am a non smoker :) but am on antidepressants and they make losing weight more difficult for me

so tomorrow I am going to get up weigh myself and measure myself
I will weigh weekly and measure monthly
I have put a target on this forum but it could well be too low - as long as I get a healthy BMI I will work from there :)

I will set up a ticker just for my slimming world journey

is there anyone else starting this week or has just started

I have seen the support on this board and am thanking you in advance for the support I know you will share with me

will be back tomorrow with some rather nasty statistics - and then there is only one way to go - DOWN

H xx
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I ♥ Slimming World :)

I went to my first SW meeting on Tuesday and picked up all the books and info, shopped on Friday and finally started on SW yesterday - I am only at the end of day two!

Also in common, I used to do WW! Well, not officially, but my wife had the books and calculators lol. tbh I found it to be very effective, and I lost every week that I followed it properly - the problem was I would never follow it for long enough, I always got bored pretty quick.

SW seems right up my alley, leaves you free to eat a massive choice of foods, and as much as you want! I'm feeling confident.

Having read your post, you come across as someone who is going to throw themselves into SW with the necessary oomph and I reckon that will lead you to some excellent results.

Best of luck for your journey :)
Hiya H...
I wish you all the best for your return to SW hunny..remember one day at a time..
Good luck and i will be visiting regularly to see how well you are doing...:):):)
Big squishy :hug99: xxxx
Thank you so much everyone
as you can see I have added a ticker
if it is wrong tomorrow morning when I weigh I will edit it then

I have also taken all my measurements
and rather embarrassing they make a total of 803cm
I have made cm targets and want to reduce that total to 688cm
I have taken measurements at the following body parts
bust 107
underbust 84
waist 94
belly button 107
hips 117
right thigh 67.5
left thigh 67.5
right calf 42
left calf 41.5
right biceps 38.5
left biceps 37

(I forgot to do my under bust will do that in the morning and add it in to the stats DONE

I choose to do cm as it would be more but I can more accurately see the losses too :)

will redo these in one month
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Fern and Irene thank you

well my word for today is ---- dont worry mods I am not trying to sneak the password onto the board --- I dont even go to class

so my word for the day is LIGHTNESS
for a long time I have been stressing over my WOE and not losing weight - today I feel like a weight has been lifted - all due to making a decision and hopefully sticking to it - so perhaps the word should be glue :):)

right plan for today is
banana strawberries raspberries and 2 x activia fat free yogs

then town with friend - I will wait for her in the cafe - and knit - while she goes to ww weigh in - I will also be looking for shoes and buying the SW magazine

jacket with beans mushrooms and
healthy B of soft cheese (dont know what sort I have yet but will weigh it)

then dreaded ironing

dinner is
syn free cottage pie (made with quorn)
cabbage and
gravy (1.5 syns)

right snacks are
latte (healthy a)
2x alpen light bars (healthy B)
apples and other fruit
Slight change here
I did not have the alpen bars but did have cheddar cheese as a healthy extra a and b choice (so making 2 of each) and a packet for crisps for 5.5 syns

so I will have used 1.5 syns and really dont know what to use the other 8.5 on
now used 7 syns

This evening I am going out the pub with my girly friends - we all drink non alcoholic drinks I will be on diet coke

so what would you choose to use yours on
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Morning H....
Good luck for your first day hun..:eek::):D
Your plan sound great..i would (if it were me)have a small bar of chocolate to bump up the syns something like a galaxy ripple for 8½ syns??
Bye for now remember PMA baby...xxx
Hi and welcome to sw, good luck with your weightloss journey xx
Thank you very much

Morning H....
Good luck for your first day hun..:eek::):D
Your plan sound great..i would (if it were me)have a small bar of chocolate to bump up the syns something like a galaxy ripple for 8½ syns??
Bye for now remember PMA baby...xxx
thanks Hun - how did I know you would know the syns value of each and every chocie bar :):)


I ♥ Slimming World :)
How is your first day going? Well I hope - it sounds very well planned out, and I am certain that is the key to success on any diet :)

I love your idea of measuring yourself (and even moreso for using cm lol very clever!!) - not something I would ever have thought of but I am going to steal your idea and do mine later - although I wouldn't be brave enough to post them all on here haha.

Or perhaps I am?

Best of luck with today especially, but moreover with continued and sustained success with all your efforts.

I am now an SW veteran of two and a half days so if there is anything I can do to help let me know :)

Thanks Dave thats great
I dont mind everyone know how HUGE I am now because by next month I wont be quite as huge and it will be great to see the figures in print on the screen going down

well I am off out tonight so might treat myself to a drinky or two - but I havent drunk any alcohol since xmas so most likely wont - still dont know what to spend the syns on - might just weigh some cheese to have
or save them for later in the week :) can we still do that use the syns on a weekly basis rather than daily??
well thank you Hun - its lovely to have you keeping an eye on me

well last night I ended up not going out - just too tired
by tea time I had one healthy B and 8.5 syns to use and a healthy A if I wanted it
I was not hungry but trying to use the syns I had a pack of crisps and a healthy a and b together of cheddar

now what is the sense in eating 'because' I can I was not hungry and part of this plan is to eat to satisfaction NOT until stuffed

I really need to give some thought to this - any insights will be most welcome

today so far I have had
breakfast was
strawberries raspberries banana and fat free yog for breakfast all free
lunch was
jacket potato free
half a tin of b beans free
57g med fat soft cheese (healthy b)

now dinner will be
syn free shepherds pie and cabbage
1.5 syns of gravy

now if I am not hungry as last night should I eat the extra or should I leave it - your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated
do we have any consultants on the board ??
word of today would have to be muddled
muddled as to whether to eat just for the sake of it (eg use syns healthy extras I dont need) or to not have them

or I could change the title :):)
I have printed off the little black dress - (that wont be black when I have finished with it) and the christmas tree
they each have 14 spaces to fill
I am hoping that if I lose 14lb I will get into that little (well not as little as next years will be) dress I have in my wardrobe - its a size 14 - would LOVE to be in it for christmas drinkies :)
Hi Aaleigha,
Have just stumbled across this as I had a quick peek before going to bed....
What a great idea with the measurements, especially in cm's!
I have started swimming lots recently, well, hoping to do 40 lengths 4 or 5 times a week, so that should give me good cm loss shouldn't it.... Ooooh, I need to find the tape out.
Do you think measuring every weekend would be too often to notice a good difference? I'm hoping to have toned quite a bit by 6 weeks today (am I hoping for too much! lol)
Right, best get off to bed, am shattered
Night hun

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