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  1. pinkkaz77

    pinkkaz77 Full Member

    Hi there

    Well everyone I've been dipping in and out of this site for a while but now I think it's time to add my story..even if it just keeps me honest.

    I've always be just varied between 3-6 stone. I get angry with myself that I let food control my life so much. I was due to have my 3rd way in this week but I jumped head first off the wagon..So bad I ignore the awful heartburn to continue eating...

    Anyway I was tucking into dinner yesterday and my pharmacist called me (she is lovely..and such good support). So after a good chat she convinced to go back on the plan and she isn't even going to weight me this week (I feared I put back on the 14lbs I lost in the previous 2 weight in.
    I was given a year to get my BMI down to under 30 as I'm on the waiting list for a fertility clinic and I was suppose to lose 3 stone within that time. All I successfully did was put up a now I've 4 stone. All my overeating is preventing me from having the thing I want most in the world yet I still can't stop myself from doing it.

    So to keep myself honest I'm going to make an entry everyday where possible. The only thing last week thought me is I eat for every emotion..happy, sad, bored, annoyed, stressed, and sometimes just too fill the time..So to counter act that I'm going to keep myself busy....Idle hands is the devils work eh...
    Anyway hello to anyone who took the time to read my post. I hope to get to know you all better in the future.

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  3. ElectricLilac

    ElectricLilac Like a Renegade Master

    hello hello,

    Well done for getting back on the wagon if you can do that you can do anything, good luck with this week i hope it goes by quickly and happily. Looking forward to seeing your progress and diary updates.

    Best wishes
  4. pinkkaz77

    pinkkaz77 Full Member

    Thanks Lilac...
    Well yesterday was fine until I got home. As I'm not eating my OH is doing his own food which yesterday involved take away chicken wings...I had to paint my nails while he sat there eating them simply so I couldn't touch him..I reckon he would have thought it odd to see me running to him just so I can lick the flavours off his sexual meaning there what so ever...I was just was extremely tempted. Anyway I stayed in my own seat and by bed time I was very pleased with myself..I'm thinking I must be in Ketosis as he called me dog breathe this morning...normally such a remarked wouldn't go down well but this morning I would have classed it as the nicest thing said to me in days...I would have given him a big smacker but he was too busy trying to back away from me...hahaha
  5. ElectricLilac

    ElectricLilac Like a Renegade Master

    blimey you did well last night ummm chicken wings Lol, well done you should feel very smug today x
  6. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Lol.... welcome to 'the wagon' hahahhahaaa!!!

    The death breath is awfull isn't it!!! Good luck to you hun!!! You can do this!!!

    Keep and eye on the prize hun!!!

    We're all here for you!!!!

  7. Teresa1970

    Teresa1970 Full Member

    Hello and welcome im only on week 2 but trust me everyone on here is lovely I was told too my breath could kill flies :eek: which left me smiling too
    good luck on your journey
  8. chunkychops

    chunkychops Silver Member

    oh that did make me laff xxx good luck on your journey...and rest assured we all stink together lol.....x
  9. pinkkaz77

    pinkkaz77 Full Member

    Hello everyone..
    I've been really busy the last few days so unfortunately my diary has suffered...On the plus side Dublin won the All Ireland and I've stayed 100%. I had to babysit my brothers kids today so I thought being a good aunt I'd take them to a coffee shop and get them a bun. All going well until I dished up a mini muffin (as in the size of my tumb) and without thinking I licked my fingers... Once I tasted the sugar I realised what I did and the next 60 seconds I looked like a crazed women...All I was short of doing was jumping behind the counter to use the scrubbing brush on my tongue...oh sometimes my fear of being kicked out of ketosis is not normal....
    Anyway that's about as exciting as my life is at the moment. I'm saving a fortune because of my limit social life. I was at the cinema last night and I probably sit a little bit too close to my neighbour just so I could enjoy the smell of popcorn (how very sad)

  10. trimlee

    trimlee Love God; Love People

    Oh goodness Kezzy, you've got me laughing out loud; what a great visual there! You've just lifted me right out of my self-pitying musings ( of the oh-I-can't-eat kind..!) with the hilarious thought of you vaulting over that table and scrubbing away at your tongue!!!
    OK on a more serious note, well done and keep up the good work :D
  11. dudley

    dudley Full Member

    yea very funny - i've done something similar to this before

    ....All going well until I dished up a mini muffin (as in the size of my tumb) and without thinking I licked my fingers... Once I tasted the sugar I realised what I did and the next 60 seconds I looked like a crazed women...All I was short of doing was jumping behind the counter to use the scrubbing brush on my tongue...oh sometimes my fear of being kicked out of ketosis is not normal ...
  12. pinkkaz77

    pinkkaz77 Full Member

    Right people I had a think about my situation last night. And rather that setting myself a massive goal of 58lbs I've decided my main goal at the moment is to get into the overweight category. Once I'm there I can work on the rest. So for my height it's 185lbs. It's still a massive 32lbs but not as daunting. My OH bought me a fab dress yesterday in a lovely Jade colour, size 16 (not my usual black). If I'm being honest I need an extra foot of material to close it but I'm going to try in on every week after my weight in to check my progress. So Operation Jade dress begins.
  13. trimlee

    trimlee Love God; Love People

    Attention Soldier Pinkazz! ;)
  14. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Thats ace hun!!! We're all here with you!!! x
  15. ElectricLilac

    ElectricLilac Like a Renegade Master

    I love the idea of operation jade dress, bless your OH thats a lovely thing to do ! You should take a picture of you in it every week getting closer and closer to doing up. You will be surprised how soon you are in it looking all slinky and gorgeous you'll see x
  16. pinkkaz77

    pinkkaz77 Full Member

    Okay ladies...the profile photo is up. Operaton Jade dress has begun...Turns out taking a photo from behind isn't as easy as I would have thought...
  17. ElectricLilac

    ElectricLilac Like a Renegade Master

    what a brilliant goal, can't wait to see it getting closer and closer to doing up, good luck lovely x
  18. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Good luck hunni!!! x
  19. pinkkaz77

    pinkkaz77 Full Member

    Hello Everyone
    Lost 4lbs today...which I'm thrilled about. I'm now wearing a tunic the only 6 weeks ago I thought about throwing out because it was beginning to look like a body con dress instead. Terribly please with myself. It's great to actually see the results...
    I'm also wearing a pair of skinny jeans that I haven't wore much cause they were so tight on me I couldn't bend in. I could do the splits in then today (of course being over 200lbs no body would not allow me to do the splits but you get were I'm going with this). Anyway I'm feeling very happy with myself. I hope everyone else is having a good day.
  20. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Well done hun!!!

    Great news!! You can't beat that feeling can you??

  21. pinkkaz77

    pinkkaz77 Full Member

    thank you kindly...and your right not you can't beat the feeling. I think it's the first diet I've ever been on where I believe I'll reach my goal. To see the figures drop on the scales so quickly is amazing. I l Know if I was in a slimming club I would have got bored and left by now.
    Health, happiness and a sexy body is in my future..
    God I optimistic today
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