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The Long and Winding Road....2nd week loss

S: 19st9lb C: 19st9lb G: 14st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Greeting and welcome to my attempt at motivating myself.

I have been reading your diaries for sometime and feel that by posting on here it will spur me on to my eventual goal.
This is the first time I have posted on an open forum so be gentle with me.
There are many inspirational stories on here.

I have tried many diets over the years and always done quite well on them only to lose focus some months down the line and regain the weight.
A story which I’ve no doubt you all have heard before.
So I thought by writing it down and actually seeing it in print.
I will have a better chance of succeeding

I am male and in my mid fifties

I have attended SW classes before and intend to go back to them, as I found them useful and it's sets a mini goal for each week.
I have thought about going back to a different group, but now have decided to return to my previous group and face them some 4 stone + heavier than the last time they saw me.
I had a real goal last time to lose the weight, but after that event had passed, I stupidly went back to my old ways.

I have already got rid of my old fat clothes, so I have a wardrobe full of small clothes again to aim for.

The last time I was on the plan I did the red and green days and found that worked for me.
I have since attempted to get back on track by Extra Easy but for some reason I just can’t get my head around it so its back to the old faithful.

Thanks for reading and any comments good or bad will be welcome ……let the battle of the scales begin.

Weigh in starts later today.

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Hippety Hop!
S: 16st2lb C: 14st13.7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.3 Loss: 1st2.3lb(7.21%)
Hi Dave, Gosh! That's a long time to be lurking on here! Never mind, at least you have seen how well this works for the most part.

So hopefully we will see lots of interesting stuff from you as you have been doing SW for a time. Isn't it annoying when we soo easily drop back into the same old routine and pile the weight back on?!

Right time of your life to be getting back into shape again, hey?

All the very best to you.... :)
S: 19st9lb C: 19st9lb G: 14st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for the replies

Emmaline, the reason I registered such a long time ago was that I was following CD then, and only got to look at SW a couple of years later.

Anyway I have been and got weighed on some scales that obviously are a lot different to last time

19st 9 lbs where did that come from!

So I've started booked a twelve week countdown, and lets see where it takes me.

I will add the ticker thing sometime this week.

I have a copy of my first ever week on SW and I am going to follow that to the letter this week and see if I can drop the stone I did last time.


S: 19st9lb C: 19st9lb G: 14st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well the first day is nearly over I have stuck to plan 100% and have attended the gym for 1 hour of cardio work,its a lot harder carrying this extra weight.

Food wise I have had

2 weetabix skimmed milk


Pilchards salad

and now when I come off here I will be having Turkey stir fry.

Thats all for now


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S: 19st9lb C: 19st9lb G: 14st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Day Three ...so far so good. feeling good but have lots of aches following 2 hard days at the gym.
I have stuck to the plan and no cheating as yet!

Day Two food
2 weetabix skimmed milk
Fruit as snack
Egg and baby bel cheeses salad
More fruit
Jacket potatoes with baked beans and quorn sausages

Day Three food
2 weetabix skimmed milk
Fruit as snack
Home made vegatable soup
Pork chop and veg.

No gym today giving my legs a rest.


S: 19st9lb C: 19st9lb G: 14st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Probably a daft question but here goes.......

Do you have to cut and paste your ticker each time?

Thanks in advance

S: 19st9lb C: 19st9lb G: 14st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Think I have finally sorted my chart out for the bottom of posts.

Day four already !

Food today

2 weetabix skimmed milk

berries for snack
Pilchards and salad for lunch

2 Krisprolls for snack

Dinner will be Chicken joint with tomatoe based sauce.

Todays exercise:-
1 hour cardio at gym including Treadmill,bike and cross trainer.
S: 19st9lb C: 19st9lb G: 14st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Here we are at the end of week one.

First weigh in later today

I have to say that I have enjoyed getting back into this eating plan and have been very good and kept it 100% all week, with lots of water intake.

Food over the weekend has included SW Moussaka and SW home made ice cream!

Also with ......visits to the gym I am hoping for a decent loss this afternoon.

I feel very well with my energy levels certainly increased.

So until later ..........

Bye for now.

S: 19st9lb C: 19st9lb G: 14st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
WOW........I know I said I was expecting a decent loss but ..15-5......lbs in a week.

What can I say it just proves that if you keep to plan the weight does come off.

I know this week is exceptional but it’s a good base and I intend to keep it going.

So onwards and upwards.

A very happy chappy


WOW!!! Well done. I don't know why SW works so well for the men, but take full advantage of it. :) . Just be ready for all the women to hate you when you get SOW every week. :D
S: 19st9lb C: 19st9lb G: 14st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi All

Second week weigh in another 4lbs off and slimmer of the week.

Have kept to diet and visited gym 5 times this week.

feeling great



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