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the longest you have gone without a blip?

I am 14 days in 100% SS, and i can hand on heart say that i have not even licked my fingers when cooking.

I did CD back in 2008 and i would allow myself occasional high protein picks... little bit of chicken, couple of prawns etc.

I can honestly say i think this is the longest i've gone without cheating (don't really like that word). And it feels like a real achievement for me.

So i wondered.....,if you are honest with yourself, what is the longest you've gone without anything other than your 3/4 a day???

T x
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12 days so far.... I did sniff the jar of nutella though lol! I think day 10 was when I got in to the zone...feeling ok since then :)


please try again
4 months first time round, so wish i could get back in that zone
when i did it in 07 i did 100% SS for 8 weeks then started to move up the plans as i was going on holiday, never cheated once, this time ive been doing it since mid nov and apart from xmas day ive been 100% SS or SS+, never felt the urge to cheat apart from 1 day i made hubs a coffee and without thinking took a sip but spat it out as it tasted awful
Well done ladies, you are a true inspiration.

I shall continue 'cheat-free' with my SS journey, for at least the next 4-5 weeks. That's how long i planned anyway, and i should be at goal or below by that time (i hope!!)

Have a hen party in Cardiff to attend at the beginning of March, so i shall be a slimmer more gorgeous me by then, that way i won't need to buy any new clothes either (bonus).

Thanx for sharing.

oh yeah 'onlyme' i dream cheat all the time!!!!! LOL x
sorry just noticed your name is Megan, and OMG 22 weeks??? that deserves a medal!

me too, i wake up feeling like it was real! funny though x
The 12 weeks I was on Foundation with LL in 2008 -- I lost nearly 5 stone! Then, I wasn't cheating as I was close to goal -- I started on Management then Christmas came, and the snow cause classes to be cancelled and I stopped going to meetings too far to drive on bad roads (Management fell by the wayside, as did my exercise programme) and slowly I gained about 2 stone.

Now, I am taking it off with CD and have 1.5 stone to lose.


Trim T you wrote:

"I am 14 days in 100% SS, and i can hand on heart say that i have not even licked my fingers when cooking."

Trim T are your stats up to date? Do you only weigh 139lb? If so, why are you expecting to be SSing for so long? You should not need to be on such a low calorie diet for the four or five weeks you plan when you are so close to goal -- at least I hope not.

My ticker is correct, i am now 139lb, i always SS to goal, but thank you for your concern x

My January goal is to be 126lb by the 30th.
My Feb goal is to be 119lb by the end.

I will SS until then and switch to a high protein very low carb diet there on in.



Silver Member
First time I SS+ 100% for 10 weeks, moved up plans 100 %. this time i'm on day 4, and have been naughty every day ( but not disastrously so!!! ;-) It's kinda workin for me like this at the mo so not fretting too much as it's keeping me more or less on track!!! :D
Summer 08, I went from August to late October on SS/SS+ I used to ss duing the week and and ss+ at weekends and got to goal ... then maintained pretty well until May 09, but then well and truly fell off the wagon and hence I am back - but it can be done!!

Falling off the wagon everyday must be really tough, because you must never actually make it into Keytosis - but it is harder second time round, I really battled cravings the first few days - I found that saying all food was off limit and every time I was tempted having a bath, or painting my nails or playing on the Wii, kept my mind and hands busy so I didn't eat.

I hope that helps - the results will be worth it. You can do it ... bite the bullet and as soon as you are in ketosis, you will feel much better = my cravings have lessened alot!!
Hi Trim T -- I did the math (as we are the same height) and your BMI at 119 would be about 19. You could still model in Milan, but only just. LOL I guess you must be small built and know what looks and feels good to you and on you. So, my best to you.


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