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The Moon and Me


Here for the Journey
The other day a friend said to me, "Let's go somewhere nice. We could take the train, bus or anything - let's just go".
Next morning I got up had my breakfast and packed a rucksack with healthy food and loads of water, a light raincoat and a purse.
At the bus station the bus waiting was to a town quite a long way away. It sounded quite good so we got our tickets and grabbed our seats for the 2 hour journey. At the start of the journey a lady in a uniform stood up and went through the safety procedures. I barely registered when she mentioned the toilet in the back right hand corner of the bus - after all 2 hours is nothing is it?
Before I left home I had a mug of coffee, a cup of coffee at the bus station and I had been confidently sipping at my 2 litre bottle of water for the last hour and a half when it dawned on me that I wasn't gonna make it to the end of the journey without finding the loo.
As we came to a straight piece of road I made my move. A large lady takes a little while to negotiate the journey from the front of the bus to the back and when I reached the loo I realised I needed a shoe-horn to get me in. As niagra falls gushed into the pan I felt relieved and just a little smug that I had managed so well in such a small cubicle.
Then disaster struck!
As I turned round to pull the flush the bus hit a bend, my bum knocked the lock and the door swung open!
I turned around hoping against hope that no-one had seen me mooning:eek:
I closed the door again, put myself straight and made my exit, sauntering down the bus with my nose in the air. No-one stirred - nothing - phew I had got away with it!
We had a nice day in the town, taking in the sights and the shops, feeling good about not eating the wrong things. Then, all too soon it was time to catch the bus back home again.
As we approached the bus I noticed little knots of people talking together and laughing. The laughter stopped as we approached. Then one guy winked cheekily at me and said, "Are we going to have a show on the way back as well?"......
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Here for the Journey
Well, I never saw those people before and it's odds on I'll never see them again so I've been laughing about it ever since. Now let me see, I wonder which "face" they'll all remember!


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I travel to football games on buses now and again, usually packed with mostly men, and that is my worst nightmare! That and not fitting in the loo in the first place!!:eek:

Glad you can laugh at it now though!!:D


Here for the Journey
There is an old saying that goes "What don't kill you makes you stronger". I reckon embarassment won't kill me or cause any major damage so the only thing to do is put it down to experience and have a laugh :giggle:. Now if I wasn't cutting down on food I could dine off that story for years..........

Who knows Taz may be right - one day I may WANT to moon :eek: but I'm not sure anyone will want to see me do it! :D


Here for the Journey
That's good Taz. We all need something to laugh at don't we x


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oh gooood gem, cant believe i didnt read this one a bit earlier! how embarrassing! (lol but quite chucklesome also). I've done worse things though, trust me. i'm hoping i've had my share of embarrassing moments to last me a lifetime :s


Here for the Journey
Thanks for the comments - well if you can't laugh at yourself it's a sad old world isn't it! x
Thanks for whoever gave me another rep point x


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Thanks for the comments - well if you can't laugh at yourself it's a sad old world isn't it! x
Thanks for whoever gave me another rep point x
That is so true. I used to always make jokes about my size, that way no one else could. As I've lost weight I now laugh at what I used to look like and how I used to be because, really, it is laughable!


Here for the Journey
Laughing to hide the hurt is not so good though Taz. You have done SO well and I can see you were a BEAUTIFUL bride but remember beauty comes from within - perhaps you were ALWAYS beautiful x


Here for the Journey
Taz, if you enjoy a laugh you should pop over to Tyns thread sometime (Big Boys Need Love Too). It's mad!

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