the more choice, the more i fail!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Bean, 6 February 2007 Social URL.

  1. Bean

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    Cambridge Diet
    I have decided to do the 1000kal as i want to start working out at the gym. today is my 1st day and i have already failed misserablly, I have had a ripple and a few squares of no sugar chocolate, i have been picking at cold meat in the fridge.

    the more choice i seem to have the more i fail at this diet, however i am not allowed to do ss as my bmi is to low

    sorry to post such a miserable thread, but i am loosing the willpower and i done so well to start.
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    Bean please hang in there, take it from someone who caved in and after losing 5 stone with cd Ive put 6 back on and im due to do restart 17th february.
    Im so bloody miserable now and find it hard to believe how much happier I was when the weight was gone and those weeks of madness with eating whatever I fancied have only a short moment of good feeling and as soon as whatever ive eaten has gone I feel terrible again.
    Please stick with it I know how hard it can be but please believe me you dont want to be as unhappy as me after a regain of part or all of your loss. Good luck my thoughts are with you. Sarahxx.
  4. Bean

    Bean Member

    Cambridge Diet
    thanks..... just made myself an eating plan for the week so i have no excuse.

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