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The more you drink the more you shrink?


Girl on a mission
this is such a bad myth and has lead to people drinking too much water. I've drunk 4 litres + and stuck to 3 litres a day in past and losses have been the same, if it was true cd would tell you to drink more water, but minimum is 2.75 litres a day unless they've changed that in last few months, just think of anything over that is a bonus.
Icemoose was a cdc on here and he says between 3-4 litres

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Big H

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My opinion is, that getting us to drink huge amounds of water is just to fill us up and keep us on the diet. I don't think it makes any difference, so longs as you have enough (which I would guess at been approx 3 litres) I have 6 litres a day, but it helps occupy me and makes me feel full.
the reason we drink water is so our body doesn't hold onto water which is added weight. plus all the benifits your body gets from water. if you don't drink enough water your body uses what you do give it for most important parts but doesn't give others as much and they start to suffer. there are many symptons of dehydration and i think alot of peoples unknown illness could be cured by drinking more water. for example i had really bad pains in my arms and legs and i was so tired everything was a struggle. my test where all fine so doc gave me pain killers (which didn't work) once i started drinking more water my pains disappeared and i had so much more energy.
in you cd book it reccomends not to have double the reccomended which is 4.5lts but the days i have 3 ltrs a day i do lose more. i tend to just let my body be my guide after 2.5ltrs and drink when i'm i want it.


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My CDC told me not to drink too much water or I will wash out all the vitamins and minerals in the shakes. I do drink about 4ltrs a day though


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Nope - have done this three times for 10 weeks or more and the weight loss is exactly the same whether drinking 6 litres or 2.5, what makes a difference is when you suddenly change the amount you drink or if you get really hot (some chance on this diet!). But it all evens out.


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I think the most important thing is to make sure you are having at least the minimum of what they recommend. A little bit over won't hurt but anymore doesn't necessarily have any added bonus.
Also, fluid intake needs to be spread out over a day, it's no good thinking late afternoon that you haven't had your quota and then trying to have it all in one go.....little and often throughout the day is best.

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