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The Near Target Pitfall

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I have been to group tonight and discussed this. I thought I would see what you think on Minimins...

Although in April I was only 2 pounds from target, I am now 11 pounds from target, having gained most weeks.

I know that this is my fault. When used properly the plan works. I have proved this myself. But as I neared my target, I felt so good and so healthy that I thought the 'odd' treat wouldn't hurt. Slowly but surely, nine pounds have crept back on and I am so upset with myself.

In group, a few people had the same problem, getting within a stones throw of target, allowing more treats then having gain afer gain and ending up back at square one.

I guess the lesson is to stay motivated up to and beyond target and to see target as the first stage of the journey, not as an end goal. Has anyone else been within reach of target and self sabotaged?
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You are most deff not the only one, this is exactly what's happening with me latley, it's been 5 weeks now since i was a pound away from my stone target, and i'm still not there, i really think you are right about the thinking oo i've got this far just a little treat, but you are amazing for using that for your motivation, working it out and realising what you need to do:) in no time at all with that sort of mind set you will get to that target:)xxx
I think what you are both experiencing is a kick-in from the "I am a failure" school of thought. It is something I have suffered from a great deal, in varying degrees, from failing to see a task through to completion, to total self-sabotage, and I am guarding against it now because I refuse to let this cycle of behaviour win one more battle. It has won too many already and held me back in so many ways.

You do need to see past the "target" and look to the more long term to be able to get past this. SW is a way of life that you can successfully stick to and maintain at, as long as you keep your focus and remind yourself why you are doing this on a regular basis. You are absolutely right Johnners to think of reaching target as the first stage. The actual end goal is to live a long and healthy life at a healthy and sustainable weight. Once you can focus on that, rather than the numbers, it will be much easier to stop sabotaging yourself and move back towards the weight you wanted to get to.

Good luck!


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Has anyone else been within reach of target and self sabotaged?
*sticks hand up* Yup, quite a few times............but no more! I've got my head on straight this time.

It makes a massive difference coming on here and reading posts like yours and others. It's like having a team of therapists :D We often don't identify the 'whys' of our own behaviour until someone pipes up and 'tells' us. (ok so I might just be a bit fick :giggle:) Then we have a light bulb moment, modify our approach/thinking and carry on with an extra tool on our belt!

Good luck x


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I'm with you! In June I got to within 3.5 lbs of target, and I am still no nearer! I keep losing and gaining 0.5 - 1 lb and never actually getting there! As you say, when you are so near target, you feel better about how you look, you know that you are close, so you start relaxing. 1 or 2 weeks 100% on plan would probably do it for me but I can't seem to get my discipline back and stay within syns!
I know just what you mean about feeling good about yourself & allowing the treats that you wouldn't have done as I to am a culpret of just that!

BUT - I have been lucky in that reaching my target I have so far so good maintained! Yes I have gone either side of my actual target but not far enough to take me out of target.

I think it is a very easy slippery slope that you could fall down - its a good job we all have each other on here for support as I think without it I wouldn't have done so well x

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