The New Cambridge Bars Are Out!!


The Diet Guy


The new Cambridge Peanut and Cranberry bars are out today!!!

Got my order in just after 8am this morning.
Peanut one my favourite.

I ordered 10 boxes of the Peanut as got all my customers begging for them! I even have 3 people popping in tomorrow night to pick some up even though they usually come Thursday.

They are rather nice!!
You both make my order of 2 of each look pitiful:) . Better get back on the phone tomorrow :) . If there's any left LOL.

Well I reckon they will sell like hot cakes this week! If nothing else I'll be having 1 each day until Christmas!
CD Counsellor said:
The cranberry will go with the Turkey Mike

I would give the Cranberry 7/10 as not really my thing but the peanut I think will be a massive success, I haven't yet looked at the content but have heard the carbs in it are lower than the existing bars ???

The New Cambridge Bars are out

I got my order at 1pm today and, although I have only seen 4 clients, 2 boxes have gone already. Mind you 3 of them I only see fortnightly. I ordered 3 of each yesterday and 2 more today. They certainly look as they are going to be a winner :) :)
Yes I have already sold 50 of them today!! I have had 2 customers who have finished pop round and grab 7 each!! They are yummy but don't try and cut them up as they crumble too much !

My second order of the bars is due tomorrow. I prefer the peanut, I fine the cranberry a bit sweet. I put mine in the fridge, then cut it up.