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The nicest compliment you have been paid


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I thought it would be nice to hear all the lovely compliments you have been paid since shedding the pounds....

On Sat my husband, daughter and I went to a local fayre, my daughter run ahead and played with some of her friends and I wondered off browsing the stalls..... when my husband finally caught up with me he said that he took sooooooo long to find me because my shape had changed so much, that in the crowd I now blended in with all the skinny ladies...... now bearing in mind I am still a size 18/20 it made me grin from ear to ear !!!

come on boys and girls - share you compliments and give us all a smile
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Aaahhh thats great. Well done your hubby for such a lovely compliment. Someone said that my arms looked slimmer today! I've only lost 4lbs so they were obviously just been kind :)


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My little girl said to me "cor mummy your tummy used to stick out this much" & held her hand about two feet from my stomach, "and now it only sticks out a bit" :-D
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My little girl said to me "cor mummy your tummy used to stick out this much" & held her hand about two feet from my stomach, "and now it only sticks out a bit" :-D
awwwww that's so sweet :)


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"you can tell you've lost weight - your face looks thinner" Er, Thanks, i think...


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OH said he fancies me as much as when we met! That would be 38 years ago!
My FANTASTIC hairdresser asked my mum if I'd been losing weight and was it intentional (she knows that I've been in hospital, and was just checking that the weight-loss wasn't because of illness). She said that when she saw me walking (admittedly across the road), she didn't recognise me at first, until she saw that I was with my mum!!!!!

When my mum told me, I grinned from ear to ear!!!! A thank-you card will be winging its way to my hairdresser shortly!! :D :D :D


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Hmmm, I haven't had many wonderful ones other than the "you've lost weight" comments. I get things like "you look sooo much better now" etc. Which, whilst most probably true, isn't really a compliment as such - more a backhanded one!!

Loving everyone elses comments though.


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I've been fortunate to receive many lovely compliments and had a similar one to you Chelsea when we were at a football match I'd been to the toilet and then ended up standing further down from my husband and he said at first he wondered who the strange woman was looking at him as I look so different!
I went out for a meal with a friend recently and she said "Oooh you're all that now aren't you" and she wasn't being sarcastic!
My favourite things are that my kids don't say such blatantly honest 'fat' based comments! My daughter whos 18 says I'm wasting away which is quite nice even though I know at my weight and size I certainly am not!
Thanks for the positive thread put a smile on my face for today! :D


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My sister in law emailed me the other day after seeing a pic I sent her of me in my 16's I'd just got into, and she started the email (she lives 400 miles away) with "Hey Skinny!"

Although I have a way to go still, it was really nice!


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I think the nicest thing recently was a gesture rather than something said - my daughter gave me back the vintage 1983 denim jacket I last wore when I was a teenager! She fetched it out the back of my wardrobe when she was a teenager and has worn it ever since, so it was quite something to get it back now I can fit into it again! :)


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my aunts friend told her that I looked really like my sister lynsey, she said that is lynsey lol

my sis has always been thinner than me!


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I have a very good friend who has been dieting on and off with me for the last couple of years or so (shes on ww). Her husband is an oaf, always says nasty things to her about her weight which instead of giving as good as she gets, she gets upset (naturally).

Anyway, 4 years ago, we all went away to Tenerife together. He decided to pick on me about my weight (hes no slim jim himself), one day there was a rather large lady on the sunloungers in front of us and he loudly declared to my husband "jesus, you thought sue was fat!" and the holiday consisted of these insults every day until, quite rightly, i began to get upset and when i told him he had ruined my holiday, he promptly stopped.

When me and my friend first joined ww in 2008, after about 2 months, we were all sitting in a restaurant together, when he decided to declare that i looked a lot better, not so much of a rhino now! :) That was the funniest backhanded compliment i have ever received and i still laugh about it today. Unfortunately, this bloke is still being callous and rude to his wife about her weight, but i think shes starting to realise thats just the way he is and if she gets upset, she always has me on the end of a text message to cheer her up


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A neighbour's daughter asked my boyfriend's mum if my boyfriend was going out with a different girl LOL all because of a 4st loss ;) tbf I did dye my hair brown too... lmao it's back to blonde now phew..

Erm loads of people tell me I'm "tiny" I love hearing that lol x


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What a lovely positive post Chelsea!! It's great getting compliments isn't it!! I can't think of the best one, but last night I was talking to my friend on the phone who is constantly complimenting me (and to be honest I get really embarrassed as I'm not good at taking them!!) and she said she'd been on a picnic with some other friends (who I don't know ALL that well- people I see from time to time) and they'd all been talking about me and saying how amazing I look


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Lovely thread! I went to a BBQ 2 weeks ago and saw my friends Mum, who I hadnt seen since her wedding last September... she actually took me to one side, said I looked FANTASTIC and how had I done it!! It was the best feeling EVER! I've only lost 16lbs, what will they say when I lose more?!

Obviously, I let her in on our little secret... she starts SW next week! xx


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haha that's brilliant MancBird!! she is gonna love SW! I am still amazed at how much we can eat.. i love the fact it got me to size 8 from size 16-18 by eating CARBS :D woohoo for pasta, rice and potatoes hehe


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My boss walked up behind me in the wearhouse after beeing off for 2 weeks and was shocked when he realised it was me :)
My OH just puts his arms around me and says "wobble less" :) i still have a LONG way to go but it is soo encoraging that people have noticed!


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I have yet to receive any compliments. My OH sees me everyday so he says he can't see any difference. Mind you, I am only 1/2 a stone down.
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I get called Slim Jim at work by the reception all the time. I am no where near slim but it still puts a smile on my face.

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