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The oddest cravings on CD...anyone else? *FOOD MENTIONED*


WILL be Slim!
just wondering if i'm the only weirdo that has really odd food cravings whilst on CD?

The other day it was mash potato - which i'm not a fan of) and Lemon Curd - which i havent had for YEARS!!!!

I didnt give in or anything and they only last a few minutes, but its just random tastes i seem to be craving....

the lemon, i can understand...needing something sharp, but mashed potato has to be the blanded thing out there!

Anyone else get these?

If not....a wierdo i am! lol :D
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Marmite by the spoon
Malt extract
Baked beans
Miso soup

Most all seem to be salty things/unami tasting.

mrs bee

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mash I gues would have been a carb craving!

When I started on lipotrim I really craved chow mein and toast not together though!!
So far on CD I've not craved anything too much tho on day 4 we were at a great seafood restaurant and I could have quite happily eaten the lobster and salad my hubby ate!!!


can see the end in sight!
ham! Any type. And salted peanuts, including salt and vinegar and chilli flavoured that we sell in the pub. There seems to be a common craving for salty things. Which is weird as I never used salt on food as oh has a paranoia about high blood pressure!


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Chicken salad. I crave this a lot of the time....


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I am craving kebabs, chinese food, ham burgers, really salty and vinegary chips....But im just a greedy cow lol.


Shut up Ethel
Yep - odd cravings over here too. Corned beef; jacobs cream crackers; ham/bacon/sausage of any sort; peanuts; muffins (english ones with butter and jam). Largely salt based, it seems!


Recovering Foodaholic
My CDC actually gave me unrefined crystal salt to compliment my diet- it's got tons of minerals in :D It's different from table salt which is basically sodium chloride and it seems to alleviate my body's cry out for salt!

My main craving though..is MEAT! well to be precise all things chinese, but a particular focus on S+S prawns and chicken satay- oh and the other thing, chicken tikka. Do get the odd carby craving. Certainly no sweet cravings, we get alot of that anyway :D
I crave lovely crispy on the outside fluffy on the inside jacket potatoes......xxxx

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