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The one thing I haven't tried...

Hi everyone. A meal replacement VLCD is the one thing I haven't tried. I have been lurking in your boards for a few days and looking at S & S website. You have had some great results. I think I'm ready to take the plunge and am just about to place an order!

I lost 4 stone with SW (took about 16 months) and am pleased but now it's so slow I am becoming disheartened as I have another 3 stone to go. 1 pound a week just isn't enough for me. I have gone totally off the rails this last week and eaten everything I can get my hands on. Mainly bread and biscuits. I feel sort of at rock bottom. Guess the only way is up! I'm going to try S & S for a week initially. I know this will be a shock after all the SW carbs!

Sorry for the ramble. Hope I can do this!
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Feeling great in 2012!
Firstly well done on losing the 4 stone. I think many of us are here because the amount we have to lose is daunting and so we need some fairly quick results. And many of us are rubbish at following 'normal' diets too so we're here because the strict rules make it 'relatively' easy. It's the easiest diet you'll ever do in some ways because all choice is removed, but it's also the hardest in some ways too as it is so strict. Best thing you can do before starting is try to cut back on the carbs as otherwise the carb withdrawal will make things tough. And you will need to tough it out for the first few days so don't expect the first week to be an indication of what it's always like as it does get easier.

I've lost 3 stone in 13 weeks and that was with a break for a holiday so it's a quick route to your goal. Good luck!
Wow! Congratulations on your fantastic weight loss BordersGirl! I find that really motivating.

At the moment having choice removed is just what I need. Thanks for the advice. I will cut down the carbs while I'm waiting for pack to arrive. Feeling really excited now and can't wait for it to arrive.
If you are about to place an order I strongly advise you include meals and bars and not just shakes
I can highly recommend the spag bol and porridge and the cottage pie is ok too
Theres no way i could do this on shakes alone , I lasted 3 weeks on the shakes and struggled to get back on it
I feel like I can do it now until I reach my goal , it really isnt the torture that you think it will be , you just have to get a combination of meals that works for you
Thanks Babypat. Good info, thanks Phoenix. I didn't think I could cope with just shakes so I went for 21 meals and 7 shakes. I got the spag bol, cottage pie, porridge and veg soup. Not sure if I will like the soup but thought I should try. I didn't get the bars as the SW bars were a bit of a trigger food for me. I don't know if I'll do 3 or 4 items a day yet. I think I'll try 3 but will have the spare packs in case. My main concern I suppose is what to have for lunch at work. I don't want it to be obvious to others what I'm doing. I get a hard enough time for just eating healthily!
I know what you are saying about the bars , they are really nice and i always want a second one , ive switched to having porridge in the evening instead to fill that sweet craving , works much better for me

good luck and let us know how you are doing

really not sure what to say about work , the meals have to b made up and eaten within 10 mins , yu could put the cottage pie or spag bol or soup in a pot and just add boiling water and microwave , would they notice ?


Feeling great in 2012!
I usually have a bar for lunch at work and a shake when I arrive but it's not that easy to do the shakes if you don't want people to know. The easiest thing is probably the soup. They all come in plain packaging and you should be able to put the powder in the cup, add hot water and stir, and tell people that you're having a packet soup for lunch (if they care).


Feeling great in 2012!
Phoenix I don't think you need to microwave the soup, or at least I don't if I have one at work. I just add very hot water and stir.
Thanks for the ideas :)

I'll probably go for the soup and some salad from veg allowance as that's something I'd have usually anyway. People shouldn't really be bothered about what I'm eating just one person in particular who goes on and on. I just don't want to have endless discussions about food and diets when I'm trying to make food less central in my life if that makes sense!

Soup sounds best or popping meal in micro. Will save shakes for breakfast.


Feeling great in 2012!
That person sounds like a nightmare. Some people were vaguely interested in what I was eating to start with but they soon became used to the shakes and bars and stopped being interested before long.

Yeah, salad and soup sounds like a viable option for work, or one of the meals if you have a microwave.
Hi again. Just starting day 3 of S & S. So far like the cottage pie and spaghetti especially with veg through. The veg soup is ok. Haven't tried all the shake flavours but really liked strawberry, vanilla and banana so far. Especially ice cold. The porridge wasn't for me. I think I made it too watery so will try again.

The most surprising thing is I'm hardly ever hungry! According to the sticks I am in ketosis starting mildly on day 2 and getting darker each day.

Couldn't resist weighing and have lost 4.4 pounds in 2 days plus an inch off waist and an inch off hips!!! :bliss:

But .... my fancy scales say I have gained 1% fat and lost 1% muscle. :confused: Should I worry? Do I need to do some light exercise? Not sure whether to believe this.
first of all well done on your loss , it feels really good doesnt it ?

the first week will be mainly water weight , but dont let this dishearten you , its a process that has to happen before the fat starts to come off , I think when scales measure fat they do it by sending electricity through your body this gives the scale an indication of water levels and from this it calculates fat , so i would firmly ignore the fat muscle and water readings

you obviously know about ketosis , but ive heard the sticks can be misleading so dont take them as gospel

concentrate on the weight only and maybe check the other levels once a month and plot them on a chart, they will be very misleading if you do them every day

i also plot my BMI on a chart , im chart mad !!

measure yourself every week , bust , waist , hips and I find trying on my clothes is a really good boost when the scales are not moving and the measurements are the same too , again on a chart ha ha

you can lose from 7 to 14lb in the first week , obviously after this your weight loss will slow and will be 2 to 3 per week sometimes more though

dont forget totm and water will effect your weight , dont let these things fool you into thinking you are not still losing when you are , sometimes the scales will stay the same and thats ok

this initial loss gives you a great boost to start you off on your journey

good luck and really well done so far


Feeling great in 2012!
Well done on your loss so far Ally. It's quite motivating isn't it! I'm usually mildly in ketosis on day 2 and then well in by day 4, and it's good that you don't feel hungry because that's the key to this diet and being able to follow it successfully. It's also a good sign that you like quite a few of the packs as it makes things a lot easier in terms of being able to choose from a variety of flavours. I'd persevere with the porridge as I wasn't sure at first but like it a lot now. I hate the cottage pie tho :yuk: :)

My scales tell me my weight, nothing else so I've no idea about the muscle / fat thing but I'd concentrate on getting the weight down (and hence BMI) before worrying too much about that.

Keep going and keep us up to date with how you're doing.
Thought I should update. I did Slim and Save for about 5 days, caught a bug then gave up:( I can see how this plan would be brilliant for people who can stick to it. I can't! Going back to SW to lose 2 stone. Will be low carbing on red plan I think. VLCD did, however, reduce my appetite and I'm still satisfied with smaller portions.

Those of you who can commit to this long term have my admiration. Good luck on your journeys x


Back on the wagon!
Best of luck VLCDs are not for everyone.....

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