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Total Solution The only way is DOWN ...

Hello everyone.

I am embarrassed to say this is my third attempt at exante :break_diet:. I never last past day 3! However, on a positive note I have never felt so determined as I am today :D EVER!

There has been no lightbulb moment this time. Every time I attempt any kind of weight loss there has been some horrible, nasty comment or a shopping trip that has ended in tears or a holiday picture. This time I have just woke up and had enough. I simply do not want to be like this any more.

My first real goal is to get into the 15's ... I havn't been there since 2007 EEK! But my ultimate first goal is to lose 4 stone by xmas using exante. The rest of the weight I can lose with healthy eating as I need to educate myself and take the rest slow.

So there we have it! 17 stone 2lbs and 3/4 lol. So far today I have had 500ml of water, one glass of coke zero and just about to have a soup. I hate the soups so like to get it out the way.

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To infinity and beyond!
Good luck. You sound determind.

This is my first time on Exante, but tried a few times in the past with CD (although not for a couple of years), but never really made it past a few days.
However this time I am on day 10 :D
Well done for getting this far! It is definatley a test of will power lol. And 9lbs in ur first week is excellent.

I'm really hoping my motivation lasts as its all new to me, usually i jst try to lose weight because ppl r on my case about it but this time i actually want to do it. x


To infinity and beyond!
I know what you mean this time I really want to do it, I feel really fat, I didn't feel this fat when I started dieting 4 stones heavier - if that makes sense.

Hope this feeling lasts :)
Baby has been placed in her pram! I am switching off and going for a 5 mile walk to the park, round the park once and then back home again. Go me!

Plus it might help baby as 2 oclock is reflux screaming hour so if shes out and about she might be alittle more settled x
I'm feeling very bloated and sick! The thought of my soup is really making me want to gag. I would rather not have it. Might give them a week and if not any better i think i will just buy a shake bumper pack as they r making me feel so ill i could honestly barf.

p.s almost got blinded by lightening there! JESO im seeing flashes like when u stare at the sun :mad:


To infinity and beyond!
Not tried the Exante soups. Didn't enjoy them on CD so just ordered the shakes and bars pack.
Well done on the walk and great that it did your baby good too. How old is she?
My sons are all teenagers now, so more likely just getting up at 2.00pm!!


To infinity and beyond!
she is 14 weeks old, so in love with her I cant even describe. This is for her as much as me.
14 weeks - I think that is when babies start to get a bit more interesting than just crying, feeding and filling nappies!

It is fab you are doing it for her as well, double the reason to succeed :)
Day 1 in a nutshell: 2.5 ltrs of water, 2 cans of Coke zero. 2.5 mile walk, day 1 of 30 day shred. 3 exante products.

Day 2:

Weight: 16 stone 12lb WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAATTTT????:D:D
Total lost: 4 lbs :D:eek:

Loving this diet so much! So far i'm not hungry and i peed on Kestois stick and well it says i am in it lol so i suppose thats a woohoo for day 2 x
These soups r just repulsive. I cant stand them, not sure what i should do. :cry:

Still not hungry which is a huge bonus, although have a slight headache. So far drank 1 ltr of water woohoo go me and no coke zero yet. Keeping my bar for late on tonight when the family have their curry i can eat my bar lol loser.
Wow 4lbs is fab! My battery has died on my scales so im going to wait until weigh in day to get some more to help me resist temptation.

Well done on the walking. Aww I miss having a tiny baby. My two are at primary school now - it goes so quickly.

I must admit the soup was quite sickly. It was the thai one. It did taste okay but by the end was struggling to get it down. Think il get the shakes and bars one next time.

Hope today is going well for you.

Daisy x
Well havnt updated in a few days. My Mum had an accident at work which has resulted in a broken ankle. She lives 4 flights up so as u can imagine NOT GOOD.

She is now living with us, but I must admit the last few days I have not been on the plan :sigh: :break_diet:

Today is Day 1 again. Start weight im assuming 16stone 13lbs as this is what I was this morning. So annoyed with myself as I just used moving my Mum in as an excuse I think and I wasnt even hungry or struggling I was doing so well. I always seem to sabotage myself :tear_drop:
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It's a shame that you can't stand them. You should put a post on here asking if anyone in your area wants to swap them for bars or shakes. I guess someone must be able to stomach them or they woudn't still be making them. Well done for getting immediately back on plan.

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