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The People In The LL Info Videos...........

Oh Dave you naughty boy:drool:
Is she the one that has dark long hair and lost about 10 stone?

Deb G

Silver Member
I hope not - she's irritating with the fake interview with her and that woman about Transactional Analysis!


Happily pro pointing!
I hope not - she's irritating with the fake interview with her and that woman about Transactional Analysis!
Totally agree, I am not a violent person, and actually very rarely take exception to people, but I just want to smack her one everytime I see her! Especially the way she keeps flicking her hair about.
Hee hee guess what Dave Erika is my LLC locum she is amazing we met her on week 3 and all we could do was stare because she was full proof then and there LL works! She is very nice in real life too! lol

Why yes, yes we are. And you are telling me women do not have instincts? If anything women are more fickle than men. Just becuase it isnt sexually orientated doesnt mean it can be fickle.

........ Erika isnt the one who does the TA! - With the hair flick!!

Erika is the one who lost 10 stone and wears a halterneck dress in most interviews! - (i know this cos i noticed its nice!)
haha Dave... you're a naughty boy!! What is it btw about men and women with long hair..??
Me and my group dont really enjoy the videos that much. Anyone else find the same?

Dave you are a naughty boy :whoopass: hehe.....

Hey girls - does anyone have a male LLC?

Ummm.... possibly that looks like Matt Damon? I'll travel to the moon if needs be?

P x
In my LL group we used to talk through every single DVD - literally just pausing to laugh at certain bits or to show indignation at the 'fashion' bits which imply that we don't know how to dress ourselves!
My LLC was a woman but my CDC is a man - I think I resemble Matt Damon more than he does (and believe me I have no male like qualities about me!) - you would be sorely disappointed - especially as I'm pretty sure it's not woman he's 'into'!

MM x
Ah well now I know erika is in North London ill get on teh train................ joooooooooke!

What do you mean by "what is it with men and long hair". Do you mean men like it on ladies? Or men like having long hair?
Our group tend to giggle during the DVD especially when they are doing the exercises.

One week he was telling a lady to lay flat on her stomach, but she couldnt do it very well cause she had such big booba loos. It caused quite a titter, and at first thought we were being insensitive but it did look funny.:giggle:

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