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The photo that changed your life...

Was just looking through Janey's thread, and made me think about this: I have read a few times about people seeing a photo of themself at their biggest and being horrified, which has spurred them in to starting THE diet and changing their lives FOREVER.

So what was your photo? This is mine:

This was me a week before I started CD, at 23st 6lb. Horrific.

Anyone else gonna be brave?
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Gosh, Sandy, I have just noticed how tall you are....that's nearly a giant in my book. How have you managed that - being Scottish - we're not allowed to be tall!

It was a photo that did it for me. Like Sandy, I tend to avoid camera's like the plague, but had to get one done for a client's in-house magazine (no, nothing dodgy, we were doing some work for them :D)

When I saw the picture, I was so shocked. I think they have sent me a copy - how kind I thought - and if so, will post it on here. I looked like my boobs were a rubber ring round my waist. Not a great look I have to say.

LRO xx
Well as you can see I am hardly happy about having that particular photo taken... lol really was enough to make me go Urgh!

Its funny how once you start to get the weight off, you really how restricted you were by having the weight on in the first place! Just stupid things like looking at the photo and looing at how my arms are resting - they are like that because 1)thats as close as I could get the to my sides and 2)in a vain attempt to hide my ginormous (sp?) belly
i hate my arms. there soo huge, i think even when i do lose the weight there still going to be big i cant imagine ever having small arms like my wrists and that part of arm seem normal but upper arms omg. i hide them as much as i can
Show us! :D
completely understand that Becky, I am the same :(

I do have nightmares about losing all the weight and just looking like I have been deflated!!!
Thank you so much for sharing that with us Caryl. I am so anti photographs I put my hands up to hide my face if people try. If I cannot hide in a group I don't allow the photograph to be taken. I'm looking forward to the day when I go to a studio for a photo session with my family - the Lord alone knows when that will be right now. I still have at least 8 stone to lose before I even think about booking that day
I still have 6-7 stone to lose too, but we will get there! I am looking forward to being able to use that as my big "before" photo when I finally hit target and can show off my amazing 11 stone 4lb loss :D:D:D...one day
Thats not a happy face Munky :) Glad to hear that the source of that scowl was out of your life soon after!
I actually dont have any pics of me at my heaviest. Would never let anyone take any. Head shots were only ever allowed. Took a before picture for my progress on here(you're all welcome to have a look, be warned its scarey:eek:) took me a good couple of weeks to pluck up the courage to post it cause it was the first time I had a proper full length picture taken of me and it was a shock for me to look at it. Had got 6lb off by then but it still shocked me. Anyways its one of my motivators now.


needs to get out more!
My photo is on my photo album (but I didnt see it til well over a year after it was taken). The photo of me by the sea is what started the weight loss. Sorry I dont know how to move the pictures on to this page!!

It is a shame that I have missed out on being in so many photos with people and places because I hate having my photo taken so much. But that is slowly changing now. (Still not a massive fan of being photographed, but as I live so far from my family and a lot of friends, they want to see photos of me and what I am doing, so I have to put up with it!)

This is the actual photo that changed my life:
Message - MiniMins.com Photo Gallery

It was taken on my 22 birthday, at the beginning of January. I cried so much when I saw it. It was the photo that made me adopt the New Years Resolution I share with my friend: 2008 - The Year of Positive Change.

But I have an album full of photos I hate of myself.


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