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The pill and weight gain

Not sure if i've posted this in the right place, sorry if i haven't.

I'm sure i have a bigger appetite when I'm on the pill. I came off it a couple of years ago and lost weight (i was also healthy eating and exercising at the time too). I'm back on it, and have been for over a year and i seem to be losing weight very slowly even though i'm sticking to plan.

I'm not sure if its just a coincidence, has anyone else noticed weight gain whilst on the pill, or that they have struggled to lose weight or lose very slowly when on it.


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I know that when I was on the mini.pill i found my weight loss was good but the combined pill had it a lot harder.

I think you just have to take it as it comes but if its getting you down talk to your doc. I know there is loads of different types of pills (doc changed my pill when I found that it caused me problems) it was a combined pill but it was a different make

Sorry if I'm not much help x
I put on loads of weight when I first started on the pill. In less than 3 weeks I jumped from a 12 to a 14 + from a 36b to 38c in a bra. It was awful. My weight did settle after a few months but It wad too much of a coincidence for it not to have been the pill. Good luck getting it sorted
I feel your pain...I had my Implanon put in three weeks ago and I have noticed my appetite increasing loads. However, when I'm hungry, I make sure I eat superfree or free foods, and if I eat something synful, I still write it down.

I'm still losing weight though - your body might slow up a bit but give it time, and it should even itself out.

If an increased appetite is the only bad side affect you're having, I suggest trying to control that, rather than go on a new Pill, purely because the side effects from others can be much worse!

Good luck



I'm a greedy pig
sorry for barging in

.in general i have found drs to be very good/sympathetic about medications [no matter what type]and weight gain or possible weight gain so i would go to your dr if your upset/ worried about it

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