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The Possum has failed!!

Hi Chaps,

I have returned from holiday a failure!!! :cry:

The first part of the week went quite well and I managed to stick to my packs - I even found a way of making up my muffins in our little camping oven! About half way through the week I succumbed to a Ceasar salad one evening and then back to packs the following day so that didn't worry me too much.

On Friday we decided to call in to see another sister and we stayed with her overnight - again I did my packs and prepared for the following day by putting some bars in the freezer (plan being to put them in the cooler pack so they wouldn't go all gooey in the heat). The next day we dashed off early and about 20 miles later I discovered that I had forgotten my packs!!!! (No doubt there may be some who may think that this was done on purpose but I can say hand on heart that that wasn't the case).

Being without packs I resolved to stick to Atkins principles for a couple of days but I failed quite dramatically. I drank champagne and ate bread and olives and after a couple of glasses of sparkley a little packet of rolos seemed an excellent idea!!!!! Ice cream followed as did a chinese!!!!!!! I think it safe to say that I went on a little binge. I actually found the whole experience quite interesting - the more bloated I felt the more upset I became and the more inclined I felt to eat!!! Self sabotage or what?!

So as I sit here typing I have a 'lovely' bloated tum and feel like a porker. My jeans felt tight (though I know - hope!! -much of this is wind - should be nice later!!! :eek:). I will go to my weigh in tomorrow evening though I am sure I shall have gained weight (it will be well deserved) - I will hate that but it's not the end of the world and I still have 5 weeks left to lose the last stone.

I did do a lot of excercise while I was away - lots of walking, some climbing and a couple of spinning classes - fingers crossed that I will only have gained a couple of pounds.

I will keep you posted.:wave_cry:
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You haven't failed! You have made an important discovery and observed your behaviour well. Just hop back on the wagon and finish your journey (which can't take long from now no matter what the damage is!) I do hope with the exercise and everything you have limited the effects - good luck for your next WI and keep going!
Thanks Chaps,

I must say that I am feeling relatively philosophical about it at this stage. Tomorrow is another day and I still have my size 12 jeans!!!

I appreciate the moral support - you are stars!!

Thanks TG,

I must say the Chinese was somewhat disappointing - most likely the guilt overwhelmed the flavours!!!! In any case I couldn't even get half way through it - what a waste eh?

I can still feel it sitting around my middle region - really not worth it.

I am sure that the only way I can ever be slim and feel 'tummy-comfortable' is to eat very small amounts of food - large meals really devastate me and I put on weight so easily!

One of my resolutions for when I get to target (by mid July all going to plan and with no more slip-ups!) I am going to completly revamp my diet - luckily I love healthy food so I just need to develop the self discipline necessary not take food short cuts and the insight necessary not to eat on my misery!


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Don't worry it will soon fall off you - I always find that a quick gain after a holiday is always quick to come off when you start dieting again ....that should be especially so doing LL. You'll soon be back in ketosis = just hang on in there!

Such a bloat!

Hi Chaps,

Woke up this morning looking like a cabbage patch doll (remember them?) - a big puffy face and a couple of puffy hands and, to make it worse, my tum is sitting snugly on my lap as I type this.

Chinese always puffs me up - as does alcohol and heat. And yesterday, while I did only one bottle of beer, I did do the chinese and was in the sun all day long.

And now I pay the price - I am also eaten alive with hives and generally feel like pooh!!!! :(

This morning I had to drag myself away from the toast - I was making some for my children before they went out to school. It smelled so nice and I thought "one bit won't matter" but I knew it would.

So as I sit here (still in my nightie - picture forming in everyones brain - sunburned, puffy faced possum typing with podgy little fingers and craving toast!! :wave_cry:) I have been virtuous in that I have had only black coffee, packs (always have two in the morning) and on my second pint of water.

I want to be Kate Moss.


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:( Sounds horrid and a bit painful too!

Hope you're feeling a bit brighter now.

Ahh you don't want to be Kate - then you would have to put up with that numpty Pete.

I have eaten a few times (always Atkins like) and everytime I have found the next day sooo hard. I don't think it is a ketosis thing but more a mind thing. My brain starts saying "go one... you ate yesterday and the sky didn't cave in ...go on" Anyway - I have to be really strong for a day or so but then I get back to normal.

Sorry to hear about the hives. Sounds like an allergy? Did you have anything suspect?
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I am sure that the hives are linked to the fact that I am allergic to ALL NORMAL FOODS.

I will have to stay on LL packs for the rest of my life and get a second job to pay for it all!!
Yes and you will go down to 3 stones and have to be intrevenously fed banana shakes:eek:
I love bananas (real ones, like the ones that real people eat - with skins 'n' all!!) - but not the LL banana shakes.

They make up like some sort of play dough type gloop!!
I've just read your thread on 'yes but hasn't she got a lovely face?' I was laughing 'cos this week Kate Moss has been in the press saying she finds it very annoying and patronising when some of her larger friends are told that they have 'a lovely face'

And now in this thread, you say you want to be Kate Moss. It's time to come clean - are you actually Kate Moss?

:D :D :D
nah you dont want to be Kate moss - no boobies and in need of a good meal she is! Heroin chic is SOOOO yesterday! Its done and lets face t you could have done alot worse. Holidays are a mare (the main reason I am delaying until the end of LL!!) and you did really well considerig - just think what you'd have eaten before!! Just learn from it, use the experence(ie how crappy you felt physically) and move on to a new day! Big hugs for you!

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