The Propoints kitchen scales

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Xassy, 9 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. Xassy

    Xassy Silver Member

    My group are offering them at a reduced price but at £30, I still think it's a lot for kitchen scales! Are they worth the money?
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  3. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    I got mine off a lady selling them for £25 thought it was a lot for scales but my hubby said go for it so I did.
    i love mine. Ideal when in the kitchen making recipes as there's the recipe builder on them that adds up all the ProPoints as you weigh them.
    Also very handy to help control portion sizes when you see the ProPoints going up too much I just take some of the food away to save on ProPoints lol.
    They certainly helped me much more in my journey and made me more aware of what I'm eating.
    just a shame they're not pocket size to take out with me haha xxx
  4. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    Here's mine in action....







    Only tough decision is deciding which colour to buy lol xxx

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  5. Xassy

    Xassy Silver Member

    I've just started a new job so might treat myself when I get paid!
  6. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

  7. Alycyn1980

    Alycyn1980 Addicted to Minimins!!!

    I had been wondering about these too but I still think that it is a bit much for scales!! I am an impulse buyer and the amount of crap I have that seemed like a good idea at the time is ridiculous!!! I am now trying to sell it all off!! Maybe if I see them going really cheap on Ebay or something!
  8. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    It took me weeks to make a decision whether to buy them or not purely for the price of them. My Hubby in the end told me to go for them and I am glad I did especially now I do ProPoints.
    Why not watch some on Ebay and put in a cheeky bid if they are going cheap xxx
  9. lynns3cookies

    lynns3cookies Full Member

    They are expensive but well worth the money.
  10. Xassy

    Xassy Silver Member

    They've gone up to £40 this week! The leader said they have the £30 deal every 6 weeks, so I'll wait for the next one to come around. I will have been paid by my new job then too. ;)
  11. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    They will be on offer again soon I bet. Every week they have something different on offer. I'd deffo get them next time they are £30 though. That's a good offer xxx

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