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The purpose of this forum...

According to the sticky at the top, says....

"Any discussion of 'cheating' or 'time out' would not be encouraged on this particular forum.

Essentially it's for those who prefer NOT to cheat at all and stick to their plan (whichever one they're on) 100%."

Is it me or are a lot of people starting to bring 'cheating' and 'time out' into this thread. Its getting me down a bit :( I thought this forum was supposed to be kept for 'positive thinking' and the old one to continue to be used for when we are struggling to stick with it.... can one of the mods correct me if I'm wrong.

Think for now I will only use this forum for the 100% club weigh in as its starting to bring me down a bit- would rather not be here if its going to make me question my own diet, which is the effect negativity about it seems to have on me (unfortunately).

I don't mean to offend anyone writing this, its just how I feel and not personal to any individual.

A depressed wbs xxx :(
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I think alot of the food references have been from quite new people to the site. This reminder should hopefully sort out any confusion.
Please keep using this site as we need the 100%ers to stay around. This place is too quiet as it is.
Hey hun, of course help and motivation is what Minimins.com is all about. However, this part (CD 100%) is for the purpose explained at the top of this part of the forum, in the Sticky. There is the main CD forum for people who want to post about their 'cheats' (i dont like to call it that) etc. but I believe this part is to be kept free of that for those people who want to provide support for one another in a positive mode.

This isnt a personal response aimed at you, merely an attempt to answer your comment above :)

Hey Nikki

The problem I saw with the beginning of this 100% forum was that people would 'make friends' with others in it and then if they were to go off plan/have a break etc they would be kinda left in limbo cos all their 'friends' so to speak would be in the 100% and they would not be receiving any support so would need to start all over again building up friends in the Cambridge part.

I'm not sure if its fair on either 100%'ers or the people who are struggling to have to stay away from the forum.. but they are the guidelines.

Gen xx
Hey Gen hun, can totally see what you mean and I do agree... but as far as I'm aware most CDers will use both forums, so if ppl are needing to talk about 'cheating' etc. they won't be isolated- it just means keeping this 'half' of the CD forum 'clean' from the things in the sticky... Plus Im not saying people shouldnt post on here if they arent doing CD 100%, merely that the posts should steer away from those few things...hey ho :)

Didn't want to make a big deal out of it, its just I have noticed this has been more of an issue recently and just wanted to remind ppl of why it was put here, otherwise it really is no different to the main CD part!


Ellen S

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:mad::cry:I guess this is aimed at me then?!

Well I am very sorry as I didnt see the 'Sticky' at the top of the page - in fact I find the top of the page quit confusing - I mean what is a 'Sticky' anyway? Perhaps the mods (again, what are mods?!) can explain who can and cant come in here...

Sorry guys, I am off to find a place where I can post...(anyone tell me where that is?!!:wave_cry:)
Ellen hun, not aimed this at anyone at all!! As I posted at the beginning of this thread, there are a lot of ppl who have been doing this recently, its not aimed at a particular person...

A mod is a moderator, a sticky is a thread which is put at the top of the page under the section "Sticky" as it is deemed to be helpful or important and is put at the top so everyone can see it.

Again I can't say it enough- hun this really is not personal about you. And I never said people who werent following the diet to the letter shouldnt post at all, merely echoing what had been posted on the sticky about trying to keep it positive.

:( sorry if you feel offended in anyway as this was totally not my intention!
Ellen, please don't take offence, we all understand it can take a bit of time to get to grips with the different areas of the website.

Mods are the moderators, stickies are information which is generally requested or folks may want to read more often. I think what wannabe is saying that CD forum is for the general stuff or if you are struggling. CD 100% is for people who are sticking with CD SS or SS+ programs 100% and not veering off the track. This was requested by other members who felt the need for the positivity factor and didn't want to read about food choices of others etc....

Ellen S

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:)Thats cool - but I saw the Cambridge Diet title on the previous page then under that it said CD 100%ers then under that it said Returners - so as I havent done this before I presumed I was a 100%er??!!


Can you click on the Cambridge Diet thingy then?!

Techno Phobe Moi?!
Lol :) hun no offence taken I really didnt want this to become negative, more just a reminder rly. Please dont leave this part of the forum sweetie, just bear in mind its the 100% forum, and if you need to vent about cheats etc. it is maybe best kept in the normal CD forum not the 100% bit :) thats all

Big hugs and apologies if I have upset anyone :( I would hate to think something I said offended so please forgive me!! XXX
Ahhh Ellen hun, if you are a 'returner' to CD, in that you have done it before and are restarting, that part of the forum is different to the 100% :) in essence there are 3 CD parts- the main forum, the 100% and the returners forums. :) hope this explains it a bit for ya :) xx
Ahhh Ellen hun, if you are a 'returner' to CD, in that you have done it before and are restarting, that part of the forum is different to the 100% :) in essence there are 3 CD parts- the main forum, the 100% and the returners forums. :) hope this explains it a bit for ya :) xx

A Ha!! Lightbulb moment! I think the lack of calories has addled my brain! OK! Off to the CD normal bit!
Thanks for that folks and good luck being saintly100%ers!!

Lol I wouldn't say we are saintly ;)

Anyhoo :) glad to be of help hun! Please don't feel you can't post on here if you are sticking to it 100% in future, I would hate to think I had made someone feel unwelcome!

Yeah I noticed that a few times!

I read someone's post about 'cheating' and thought 'hang on, am I in the 100% forum or not?'

Not wishing to offend anyone, but yeah, the 100% forum shouldn't have any threads about cheating!


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I'm finding the entire minimins quieter than usual lately .... is it because everyone has escaped to find the sun?
Hadn't noticed Dancing :)

Hoping to see some sun soon though. In England would be good as it's still raining here tonight!!..again:sigh:


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I'm not on CD (sorry if I'm not supposed to post in here) but I totally agree that this forum is needed and should be kept possitive. CD is a tough regime and some people need to be surrounded only by possitivity in order to get the support they need. I think it's great to have a sub-forum where negativity is not allowed but maybe because of the nature of it, the 100% section should be more heavily moderated to keep it the safe and encouraging environment that you guys need and deserve.

Just my thoughts, I'll get me coat!
I love this 100% forum and use it the most. I agree i like to come somewhere positive as it keeps me motivated and on track. I'd like to think all of my threads and posts have been 100% however there is a grey area and now i'm slightly confused as to whether or not i am a guilty party. So if i am then i apoligise, as like i said before this is my main forum and i love and need the positivity that goes with it.x


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I love the 100% forum and am glad its running! I think if new people come along and havent read the sticky, just a gentle reminder to them to use the main forum if they want to chat about cheating is enough. Hopefully, by now, most people know what this forum is all about. :D
:cry:OK OK!! I get the message!

I am REALLY sorry for posting in here yesterday - as I explained in my replys to Wannabeslims original post - I dont totally understand the whole forum things and Rules and regulations etc. AGAIN, maybe it could be made a bit more clearer for novices like me?

Anyway off to find another forum where I can post - am I allowed to post my week 1 loss in here on Monday or do I have to stick to the CD forum been as I havent been 100% this week?

Good luck girlies - :D
Ellen i am confused like yourself, weight loss is a positive thing and so i'm thinking it should be fine posted in this forum. Like i said there are a few grey areas that maybe need clarifying as i'm not sure sometimes where best to post my threads even though i am 100%. xx