The rainbow corridor to success


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi to all

This message is especially for the "Lady in London" and anyone, including myself, who is finding it a bit hard to get on track.

Imagine you are in a long corridor with large tiles coloured from 1 to 7 with rainbow colours. Today you may be on the red tile and if you do well on your diet, tomorrow you can step on the orange one.

On day 7 the violet tile leads you to a door, which you open and there you find a violet room, your reward for the seven steps you took this week towards it, and there's a mirror in the room and you look and see that you're looking good. I think we tend to know when we've lost a pound, better off than on.

Then you start all over again. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Week 2 and you're back in in another violet room. This time the mirror is there, but there's also the dream top, skirt, whatever it is you've had your eye on for when you lose weight and hey it doesn't matter if it doesn't fit you this week, it will fit you another week. Reward yourself.

After two weeks on Lipotrim and I can only speak about that, you turn the corner. Do this in your mind, but now you're not in the corridor, you are on top of a rainbow and this week you will make your way to the violet room as easily as if you were sliding down a snowy hilltop. Week 3 and you've made it. You may ride high for a while and wonder why you ever thought it was difficult. Sometimes, different things trigger off pangs and that's why we're all here to give each other support.

I have to say, at this point, Mini has been a
wonderful support to me and in the early days I don't know if I could have carried on with LT without her knowledge and inspiration.

Having had a lovely time in Cyprus and wining and dining every night - I stayed stable, I'm finding it hard to swallow the last LT of the day and so I've not been having it.

So are you gals going to inspire me now. You know I might be in trouble with the Doc if I don't lose some more weight.

Please talk to me!

Marylyn xx
Hello again Marylyn,:rolleyes:
Loved your wee story. Look... if you go for it again then I will too, how's that ? I mean to say you have done so so well. The support you are getting from the hospital must be a great help. I am pasting and copying the rainbow story to send to my daughter who is doing the Cambridge. Like us she has been away, stayed the same, but is finding it hard to dig out that willpower again.
You go for it girl, just think what christmas may bring if you do,
Fantastic text Marilyn, thanks, I will have to read it more carefully when my teenage daughters are out, as I have some loud rap music playing and I really need quiet to visualise this. Hope I start LT on Friday, this LT board on Mini's site will be buzzing. Thanks so much for the private message Marilyn, I totally agree with everything said, and I will private message you when all is quiet here!
Hi Marlyn,

That is very well explained the journey in the first month!

I was more than happy to support you and you have done amazingly well and I find that so rewarding.

Now your passing on your experience which is brill.

You will have to tell me how you managed to do so well on your holidays.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Girls - I'm still on the red square today

Hi Mini, Anne, & Pam

Lovely to hear from you. This website is really the best.

Its better than going to weight watchers or slimming world - especially as those diets never worked for me anyway.

With :eek: I have to confess I have to stay on the red square today. I'm in Russia girls, and I don't want to be in "Red Square", but I had a banana. That's the habit I got into on holiday and I've brought it home. So, o.k. its only 70 calories extra to the 420, but I'm a bad girl. I'm supposed to be sole sourcing. What are the odds, I ask myself of entering the violet room within the next 7 days?

Just by talking to you about this will help me; I want to be an inspiration to you and not have to say that I have not moved along by tomorrow night.

On a lighter note, a colleague of mine started Lipotrim while I was on holiday. I told him about the study, but as he's really scared of needles, he decided to go to the chemist and start. One month on and he has lost a stone. I'm really thrilled for him, because he had been on all manner of things, weetabix being the previous one without success.

We don't hear from many men and they can have 2 sachets a day. This guy doesn't feel hungry - he's very motivated and I'm so happy for him, especially as I introduced him to LT. Not many people know about it.

Anyway gals, I better sign off - whenever I post I have to sign on again, which means that I usually end up with two identical posts, I talk too much.

Love Marylyn