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The Resist List

Ooh - like this thread!! Today I have resisted crisps and maltesers - the naughty bits at playgroup snack time! Instead I munched on an Alpen Light. Let's all polish our halos!!! xx
i have resisted a big cream cake that has been bought in by one of the guys for his birthday - and i'm off to netball tonight - What has happened to me?! lol xx
Today I have resisted.........biting my nails and eating my curleywurly at lunch instead of tonight for my syns. Not that exciting today im afraid!
Today I have resisted:
- Buying chocolate from the vending machine
- eating a scotch egg
- going and getting something lush and full of syns for my din dins! :D


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I resisted a slice of chocolate cake which was lurking at work!

Great thread! We should have it every day to confirm how far we've come! And how well!
today i resisted the bag of cheese and onion walkers my work mate brought in for me - i wanted to use my syns for a nice glass of wine this evening so they are still on my desk!


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This morning I resisted a whole host of goodies on an aeroplane (what is it about flying that make you want to justify eating rubbish?) and opted instead for a cup of tea. At lunch after landing I resisted the big, bad, sandwiches and had a dull, not crispy jacket spud :(

This evening I had a lovely tea and was glad that I made the right decisions today so I could have half a bottle of wine this evening :D


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i resisted all day yesterday and then when i got home i promised the oh i would make cheese cake for afters for tea so i had a slice , oooohhh the shame extra gym for me this week.


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Just resisted thorntons chocolate and caramel cakes brought in to work. My colleague asked me if I wanted one four times and even offered to make me a cup of tea to go with it!!! LOL... Yeeha!!


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today so far i have resisted a whole drawer of chocolate. My work colleague turned 50 and as she is a chocoholic she was given 50 bars for her birthday.
Wow! 50 bars!!

For me today, so far, I have resisted having a popadom with my curry and rice from the canteen, and crisps from the vending machine!


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I have resisted giving OH a big slap with a wet fish ;)
So far today I have resisted:
- buying wine from Asda at lunch! (Go me!!!) lol :giggle:

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