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hello all, i know some of you know me on here, if not heres a quick bit about me, my name is mel im 23yrs old, used to weigh 30 stone 13 pounds, i am doing the lighterlife programme and am finally losing some weight!!

**Well it was the weekly weigh in yesterday (wk 7), and I lost 3 pounds, was expecting a bit more (it seems the more walking i do in a week, the less i lose, crazy!) but that brings me to 44 pounds in total, so glad to be over the 3 stone mark!
I have a huge achievement to tell! on wednesday, i went to Evans to buy myself a new T shirt (enjoying my non food treats!!) i got my usual size 30/32, well when i looked in the full length mirror i could see my top was hanging off me!! it was so loose and looked awful! so after the initial shock i tried on a 26/28 and very pleased to say that it fits and looks good! i cant remember the last time i brought a t shirt in this size!! so go me! cant wait to get into the size 12/14s though;)
That's GREAT news Mel!! I'm so pleased for you - just think, soon you won't have to shop in Evans at all!
Hi Mel, it won't be long until you get to a size 22 and then you have Next and Dotty P open to you! Once I hit these sizes (was a 28) I never went in Evans again and once I got to a 16 I vowed never ever ever to go in that shop again, even if there is a fab pair of shoes or ear rings in the window! I have stuck by it and haven't been near the place in a year. It really is fantastic to move down the dress sizes, really well done, you'll be there before you know it.

Joe x
Hi Mel,
You are doing so well, you must be pleased ! :D Great news about the T shirt. I still mainly buy there but am now fitting into some M&S, Etams, New Look etc. Could even get into a Next or Monsoon but don't want to spend too much on one item as it doesn't last long losing so fast on LL !

Will always be grateful to Evans, what would I have done without them ? but can't wait to NOT be able to buy in there ! :)
Weigh in week 8, woohoo!

Well had my week 8 weigh in yesterday and ive lost another 7 pounds! thats now 51 pounds it total! :D
much better then last week and goes to show my theory is right about the exercise=less weight lost,cause i havent done much at all this week! however i need to exercise to tone up flabby body! a vicious circle!
have done extra walking this week, well you have to for xmas shopping!! this time of year my size comes in handy to belly bash people in the Q's ;) im joking i dont really do that! lol
51lbs in 8 weeks, wow, well done x
yes that relly good going so pleased for you xx
Congratulations Mel, the only warning I'd give is don't buy too many new clothes. The next thing you know, they too will be big for you to wear.

I bought a nice jumper in DP a month ago. Slightly tight so I decided to give it two weeks before I would look good in it. Only to find that now it's too big. Good news in one sense :) , but I didn't get to wear the top :( .

Keep up the good work.
Wow mel, well done. Ur doing brilliantly... congratulations and good luck getting to the 12/14's

I'm with Jemax on the clothes thing... all my clothes are hanging off me... including gorgeous dress i bought the other week, that I thought would do for xmas eve!!! I'm torn between wanting something new to wear and knowing that by january it will be too big!
Thats great, I cant wait until I can walk into any shop and buy off the rails instead of having to resort to mail order catalogues.

Wow Mel,

Congrarts on the brill weight loss!!!

7lbs off this week makes for great motivation for the week ahead.

Well done you:D

Love Mini xxx

its been a while since ive been online!! just been enjoying the new pain free life! ive now lost a total of 6 stone! still have alot to go..but the benefits ive had already from losing that weight are amazing! no aches and pains anymore!!
i can now do some exercise!!! never thought that would be possible, i do a dance workout at home, its a dvd by the high street honeys, its to dance tracks, but its not fast and OTT and tries to make exercising a lil sexy! its not exactly 20 star jumps etc...its more movement of the body.... i really reccommend it! its so much fun!! ok..i know its hard to believe exercise is ever fun! but dont think of it as exercise...more of dancing!
im now down to size 22/24 in t-shirts and 26 in trousers! cant remember the last time i wore clothes this size!
i had a funny experience buying trousers...i was in evans and my brain is still set on 'old mel..fat mel' people who are large will know how hard it is to find trousers in a size 30/32...well i was with my sister (who has lost 3 stone using slimfast!) and i went for the usual size 30 trousers and was totally convinced that they wouldnt fit...thought they was to small, my sister said to try a size 26...i thought she was mad!! there was NO way they were gonna fit me! right??.....wrong! lol they fit! with room lol was so shocked!! but so happy!
have a bit of a hard day meeting up with 2 old school friends who i havent seen for 7 years and they want to go to will have to explain that i wont be eating...i dont really mind to be will be good to see them and no doubt we will be so busy talking i wont even think of food!
well....i hope everyone else is getting on well!!!
take care! xx
Mel - you are doing tremendously well!

Keep coming online and updating us on your progress - it's great for the newbies to see and gives them motivation too.

Well done!