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The road to victory starts here!

Well the time has come to start my weight loss journey. I’ve struggled with my weight and lost and re-gained the same few stone for the past 6 or 7 years, and at the minute, I’m really down because of it. I split with my wonderful boyfriend back in February and have been keeping Cadbury and the local takeaway in business! It hit me the other day that at some point I will bump into the ex and his gorgeous new girlfriend, or an old friend from college and I don’t want to be this chubby, unhappy person who’s having the most miserable summer so far because I’m too embarrassed to bare any flesh at all-even my arms in a vest! :cry:
I joined my local Weight Watchers on Tuesday night and will be starting the plan tomorrow-I think 2 days planning is quite enough. I’m aware that my weight loss won’t be as big as it could have been had I started the diet on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I’m fine with that-even half a pound on Tuesday night will be enough to keep me going!
So I’ll be keeping a diary here, just my general musings about the diet and life in general. I’ll also keep a fitness diary on here too.
The road to victory against the muffin top starts right here!
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Well here I am, almost at the end of day one :D and it hasn't been as horrendous as I'd expected it to be-yay! I've been a bit hungry, though I'm not really sure if it was hunger, boredom at work or just the fact that I was telling myself that the tuck shop at work was out of bounds. I've actually eaten more today than I usually would

Menu for today:
-40g SpecialK+skimmed milk-2.5pts
-125g strawberries+WW strawberry yogurt- 1pt
-1/2 can Heinz spag bol+2 satsumas- 3pts
-5 dark rye ryvita+4 tsps philidelphia extra light with a small can of beans- 7pts
-WW raspberry yogurt and 2 satsumas- 1pt
- WW chocolate bar=an apple- 2pts

I had hoped to do some exercise today, and set my alarm for 6am to get it over with before work but thanks to the heat I didn't get to sleep until 3am! And now I've got really bad tummy cramps, probably due to the amount of water and fruit I've inbibed today, my body just isn't used to it, but it will just have to get used to it!
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Hello! I love your username... gets me wanting to pump my fist in defiance of the demon flab. :p

I can empathise with the break-up munchies - I split from my fiance just after Christmas and by heck it was tough. If you're anything like me, your cheek spent far too much time in contact with the kitchen floor during the mourning phase.

Part of me is convinced that sleeveless shirts of all description are the work of Satan and his minions. Bit of the old fake tan can work miracles, though, seriously. A brown bingo wing is somehow less heartbreaking than a pasty one for some reason!

Your diet sounds super disciplined. Made me cringe a bit at the amount I've been scoffing, but well done you on sticking to it - I'm sure you'll see lightning results on that regime. Good luck!!

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