The Royal Variety Performance - Off subject

Hi Guys,

I know this hasn't anything to do with food, dieting, etc. but I have been tuning in and out of the Royal Variety Performance this evening and I was watching Rod Stewart earlier and thought "he looks a bit different" and thought nothing more. Low and behold Rod has just been on there now. It was Barry Manilow earlier, good god they look so like each other. same hair styles and everything.

Anyone else notice that?? Or did you even see it?

Yeah. Agreed. They are alike.

I'm a Rod Stewart fan so pleased to see him on there.

:eek::eek:Ken Dodd is still alive!!!:eek::eek:
I did too! He was definitely moving though:eek:
Ken Dodd is great:)

Rod Stewart and Barry still singing their little hearts out, Bless them:D

I bet my son has not a clue who they are:confused: :(

Love Mini xxx
Rod Stewart has been clever though. He hasn't tried to be an old aged rock star. He's adapted his style and repertoire to suit his age.

I admire that :cool:
my aunt loves rod stewart, he is playing in Dublin next year and I was going to get her tickets. But they are quite dear. Well for someone who wouldn't class themselves as a "fan" I think they are dear. I wouldn't know all his songs, in fact I probably only know 1 or 2. But he does sound great.

Mini - how old is your son? I am 31, my daughter is 6 and she sings most of one of his songs (can't for the life of me think of which one at the moment). She picks it up in the car when my aunt is playing the cd. She has an ear for music (now I can't promise that all the words are right - she says what she believes it sounds like) Sometimes it can be quite funny (and embarrassing) when she gets the words wrong.

Picture it ..... holidays, 6 year old gets brave and decides to do Karaoke, without music (if you don't mind). she sang James Blunt "Your Beautiful" which went down a treat, with a few words mixed up. But decided to sing another song (and you know the way singers sometimes let the words roll into one another when singing) well don't know what song, but it was supposed to be "if any...." and at the top of her lungs she roars "fanny" alright on its own but from what I remember the full sentence made it hilarious. Suffice to say, she got down when she saw people laughing (didn't stop her getting back up the following night though) and fanny it was again!!!
That is a cute is the way kids hear things...?

My brother saying the hail Mary use to say Monkey was amongst women:D

My son is 22...

What are the two songs...?

Love Mini xxx
I don't think it's just kids who mishear things - my OH was convinced that the Radio 4 programme "Crossing Continents" was actually called "Cross Incontinents", now whenever I hear it I ALWAYS think they say "Cross Incontinents" as well - an interesting image!:)