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The Sausage Diaries!

G: 12st0lb
Well I am writing more in my food diary so have decided to start a weight loss diary here.

I have been overweight since puberty, and I am now 39. Several times in my adult life I have lost weight, always with Sw and have lost over 6 stones three times and gained them again, once in 1992 the second time in 2001 and the third time in 2003/4, everytime I lost weigh it has been because I had to. The first time was to pass the medical to get into nursing training. The second was for fertility treatment and the third was to pass the adoption medical.

We are now blessed with 3 beautiful children and our family is complete. I have a wonderful husband whom I love so dearly and we have a wonderful relationship, he loves me how big or small I am.

This time I am not really losing weight for a big event, there isnt an adoption panel to pass this time, this time I am doing it for me. I want to see my children grow up, I want to feel and be healthy.

In October I started this journey on my own, I was 23 stone 9lb or there abouts, thats how high the scales went up. I just took it slowly at first but in Feb I was 39 and I decided to step it up a gear. My gp gave me 12 free weeks for SW and I weighed in at 22 stone 7lb.

I am really pleased with my weightloss and it somehow feels different this time. I have started and love aqua aerobics and I am doing 2 sessions of this a week. We also walk 2 miles each week and my lovely gp gave me an excercise on perscription, giving me very cheap gym sessions. I went for the first one today and I loved it. I have never excercised before and feel much fitter already.

So here is my warts and all diary. The other day I saw the programme about Georgia the 33 stone teenager. She went to a "fat camp" type school for a year and had lots of counselling. At the end of the film she looked directly into the camera and said somthing, that really stuck with me. she said, " I take full responsibility for my weight, I take responsibility for the food that goes into my mouth and what it does to my body" I think that is going to really help me.

So that's my story in a nutshell !
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G: 12st0lb
Good day here dietwise, not tempted, just got on with it. I am hoping for a really good weightloss Tues as it will be 2 weeks since I last weighed in.


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Good luck with it all, can't believe you had to do a medical for nursing training! I'm a student nurse right now and the only thing we need are a-levels lol


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Good Luck Princess Sausage! You've done brilliantly already!
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"The Sausage Diaries".......oh dear that made me giggle. Love the title hehe !

Well done on your loss so far. I feel that writing stuff down makes it so much easier to keep my head in the right place.

Good Luck xx
G: 12st0lb
Well a great session of aqua aerobics today, really enjoyed it, knackered after!

Hoping for a good weightloss as I have stuck to the plan like glue and done plenty of excercise in the last week:

2 sessions aqua aerobics

2 sessions swimming

1 session in the gym


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Ha! Now I can read all the juicy details in your diary!
G: 12st0lb
Well, lost 3lb but that was over 2 weeks so I am a little disapointed. My gp did my thyroid function recently and it is very borderline, coupled with the pcos I guess I really have to work for every pound. The scales are heading in the right direction and my weighloss, although slow, is steady.


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well done on your 3lb thats fantastic. You have done so well so far. Keep up the good work.

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