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the scales are going away!

well done! i'm the same.. I even weigh myself before and after i've been to the loo haha
according to my scales i've gained 0.5 this week pfffft few hours and i'll find out lol
Well done :) I am currently banning my scales to the hall cupboard. I do SW at home and im awful for weighing myself every morning and wanting to die when it shows ive put on...and i want to kick myself because i know how innacurate it is! So i weigh myself once a week on a Tuesday Morning and thats it. Even tho i can hear the scales calling my name from behind that closed door...LOL xx


Well done on your loss :D

I would definitely put away the scales, I weighed myself this morning and i'd lost nothing then I weighed myself again about an hour later and was 2lb lighter.

I only believe what my class scales say.
I dont own scales, once a week is good enough for me!


Just doing it this time
I have to agree - I am a scale-a-holic too - weigh myself every other day - my scales are within half a pound of class - I weigh myself before class - at class - after class on my scales again - and they're the same - half a pound difference.

How stupid am I - but it's a comfort thing and I cannot stop doing it - and woudln't be able to hide them because my DD weighs herself every other day too to keep on track (she has lost 3 stones since February doing calorie counting).

Ah well - I'm not harming anyone.
I go by what my gym scales say (tho I do admit that last week I took my shoes off to see if it made a better result!). I find I just get far too attached to what they say and get really down if I know/feel that I've lost but my scales say STS or worse, a gain! At the moment they are sitting in the bathroom gathering dust as I just refuse to be influenced by what they say - the gym ones are really accurate and I'm happy to have whatever they say recorded on my gym sheet, rather than get the hump and moan that my scales at home say less (which I would!)

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